Growth Forecasts

Wellington County's Growth Forecast is part of the County's Official Plan and can be found in PART 3 - WELLINGTON GROWTH STRATEGY. The Growth Forecast includes County-wide projected growth along with allocation of growth to Wellington's local municipalities. Residential growth was also allocated to Urban Centres and areas outside of the Urban Centres.

In accordance with Places to Grow, Wellington County is projected to grow from approximately 89,500 people in 2006 to about 122,000 in 2031. This population will reside in households that will increase from 30,030 in 2006 to 42,100 in 2031. Jobs in Wellington County are projected to increase from 39,240 in 2006 to 54,000 in 2031.

Projected Growth Chart for Wellington County


The population forecast includes the provincial population undercount of 4.75%. This is the difference between the stated 2001 provincial "Places to Grow" population and the 2001 published Census population. The employment forecast includes "no fixed place of work" employment which includes persons who do not go to the same work place each day (i.e. building and landscape contractors, travelling salespersons, independent truck drivers, etc.)