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Monday, February 18, 2013
quilt_warm.jpg Keeping Warm in the 19th Century
Category Featured Exhibits
Start Date Saturday November 10, 2012
End Date Tuesday April 02, 2013

Artifacts and clothing showing how people kept warm in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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0001_prohib.jpg The Noble Experiment
Category Featured Exhibits
Start Date Saturday January 12, 2013
End Date Sunday June 23, 2013

The demon rum -- or the cup that cheers? The control and prohibition of the sale of intoxicating beverages has an interesting but seldom-discussed history in Canada. Before World War 1, the abuse of beverage alcohol was seen as a serious societal problem. Through the efforts of temperance organisations, the Provinces and the Federal Government, the manufacturing, importation and sale of liquor was tightly controlled and in some instances was out-right banned. Initially, prohibition laws were introduced as a measure of patriotism during the war, but later, restrictions eased as opponents maintained that it violated British traditions of individual liberty.

This travelling exhibition, from the Peterborough Museum and Archives, explores the temperance debate and prohibition era that affected Canadians in both the private and public spheres. It is a story of crime and smuggling, of action and danger, of humour and morality.

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Family Portrait_iCal.jpg Family Day Celebrations
Category Events
Start Date Monday February 18, 2013
End Date Monday February 18, 2013

Celebrate Family day with us at the Museum, come and have your family portrait taken!

Join us for an afternoon celebrating "The Family" as portrayed in our collection of Wellington County Family Portraits.

Make new memories and have your own family portrait taken in our "Victorian" photo studio, on a horse hair sofa by Elora portrait photographer, Sophie Hogan

Visit the Archives for a family-friendly lesson in Genealogy 101

Visit our Family Portrait exhibit on the 2nd floor

2:00 pm presentation on the life and times of nationally renowned Elora photographer, John Connon.

Admission $5.00/person, or $12.50/family

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