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The Story of the Green Legacy Programme

Office at the Green Legacy Nursery, original 1800's farmhouseIn 2004, The Green Legacy® was just a simple idea to plant 150,000 trees to celebrate the County's 150 year anniversary. That idea has grown to over one million trees planted in the County of Wellington by community partners, making it the largest municipal tree planting programme in North America!

Watch the Green Legacy Programme Documentary. This 16-minute video provides a nice overview of what we do.

The Green Legacy® has caught the attention of the United Nations. In 2010, the programme was recognized under the Billion Tree Campaign for their help in the fight against climate change.

The environment remains a very significant political, social and economic issue that involves all levels of government. Tree planting is an easy but effective way to improve the environment. The County fosters local initiative by providing trees free of charge to its residents and community groups.

Other Benefits Include4 Nursery Green houses and the shade area built of metal frame/shade

  • Provide beauty and shade
  • Water quality protection
  • Improved air and soil quality
  • Natural windbreaks
  • Improve health
  • Natural resource conservation
  • Supports wildlife habitats
  • Community and business appeal

Tree planting is the act of putting down roots and contributing to the future. The Green Legacy® will grow for many years to come.

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Potted coniferous species in the shade house at Green Legacy NurseryPotted hardwood species in the shade house at Green Legacy Programme