Hats Off! The Collection of Don McKay, Puslinch Twp.

May 13 to September 10, 2017

While few men wear hats, Don McKay is known in Wellington County to be an exception. A farmer from Puslinch Township, Don McKay has a collection of over 50 hats such as fedoras, Harris Tweeds and Biltmores which he often pairs with his suits and outfits.

"While few men wear hats these days, I thought it would be unique and cool to start a trend," says Don McKay.
"I have over 50 hats including fedoras, Biltmores and Harris Tweeds which are worn regularly and are paired
with my 100s of suits and sports coats.  I like to look good when I'm going out and my hats add style to whatever
I wear; they let me stand out from the crowd."