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Our database describes the artifacts and archival records that document the history of Wellington County from its first settlement.

Significant artifact collections include textiles, agricultural implements, furniture and household wares. Archival records include photographs, maps, correspondence, diaries, assessment rolls, voters lists, newspapers and minutes.

The online collections tool only serves as a guide for researchers. A visit to our facility is recommended to view original records and for more extensive research.

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Women's Institute Tweedsmuir Histories

The Wellington County Tweedsmuir history books are an informative resource for local history that has in the past been overlooked by researchers, historians and genealogists. Access to this important research tool has been limited to viewing the original books or microfilm of the books in an archive or library setting. Subjects in these books include but are not limited to; agriculture, community events, culture, the rural economy, labour, politics, sports, religion, rural, military, and women's history.

We wish to thank the Federated Women's Institute of Ontario, The Wellington County Historical Society and the Wellington Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society for supporting this digitization project. A special thank you to the Wellington County Women's Institutes and their members for contributing their books to this project.

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Wellington County Historical Society Essay and Journal Collection 

The Wellington County Historical Society has held an annual essay contest since 1943. They have also published an annual journal highlighting various historical themes and topics documenting the history of Wellington County since 1987. These essays and journals are an informative resource for local history. Access to this important research tool has been limited to viewing the original essays and journals... until now. This project involved scanning and transcribing the essays in order to make these handwritten and typed pages available online. This database allows fro keyword searching as well as access to the original documents. Partial funding for this project was received from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Museums and Technology Fund.

 For a list of essay topics review this list.

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Wellington County Local History Articles

Access local Wellington County history articles by keyword searching newspaper articles written by local authors including: Stephen Thorning's, Valuing Our History (1990-2014) and  Time Lines (2001-2008); Pat Mestern`s, Looking Back (1999-2012) and Mapleton Historical Society members, Mapleton Musings (2006-2014). 

[Note: The number preceding the newspaper publication date is the week ie. 30_24_July_2009.]

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Mount Forest Confederate Newspaper

Access digital copies of the Mount Forest Confederate and Mount Forest Representative newspaper between 1870 and 1930.

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