The 2015 Green Legacy

Still Looking for More Free Trees?

The Green Legacy has a variety of free tree and shrub seedlings still available!

Location: The Green Legacy Nursery (Southern Location),                                       6714 Wellington Road 34

Green Legacy Tree Nursery Location Map

Time: Saturday, May 16 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

First come, first served.  No limits.  No reservations taken.

The list of available trees and shrubs include the following:

Ohio Buckeye

Silky Dogwood

American Elm

Silver Maple

Sugar Maple

Bur Oak

Red Oak

White Spruce

Norway Spruce

Fragrant Sumac


Sandbar Willow


Tree Request Order Form

The County of Wellington is distributing 161,000 trees in 2015. The County, along with its partners the Grand River Conservation Authority, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Wellington County Stewardship Council promote the planting of trees and care of forests in Wellington County. The benefits of planting trees include: cleaner air and water, reduced soil erosion and flooding, improved wildlife habitat, enhanced recreational opportunities and wood products.

ELIGIBILITY: Trees must be planted in Wellington County and may not be used for resale. Seedlings are distributed free to local environmental groups, service clubs, schools, Wellington's local municipalities and private landowners. If you would like to support the programme you can make a tax deductible charitable donation. These funds will go towards the educational component of the Green Legacy Programme.  

How to Submit a Tree Request

The Tree Request Programme is finished for the 2015 planting year.  

If you would like to particpate next year, you can submit a Tree Request electronically on Thursday October 1, 2015 when the online Tree Request form goes live.

Confirmation of Tree Requests

Confirmation of the Tree Requests will be emailed or mailed in early April. Your trees will be available at the Green Legacy Nursery (southern location) if you have requested more than 500 trees.  If you have requested less than 500 trees, your trees will be available at your municipality. 

Please contact Jacquie Corley at or 519.546.2228 to arrange pick up at the Green Legacy Nursery (southern location).

Thank you for helping to make the County of Wellington a little greener!