Trees for Mapleton

Trees for Mapleton is an initiative to increase the amount of forest cover throughout the county.  (helping farmers adapt to climate change, a green instructor for the durability of food production and a healthy community)

Trees for Mapleton partnered with the following organizations: (is a partnership between)

  • Wellington Stewardship Council
  • Grand River Conservation Authority 
  • Drayton Kinsmen
  • Wellington Soil & Crop Assocation
  • Wellington County
  • Wellington Green Legacy
  • Mapleton Municipality
  • Trees Ontario
  • Maitland Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA)

Wind breaks are a production tool, just like seed, soil, drainage and machinery. The Mapleton strategy includes wrapping every 100 acres with windscreens, buffering all waterways with trees, wrapping all forest fragments with windbreaks, planting shelterbelts around all farmsteads, linking forest fragments, and planting living snow fences. The potential is 5 million trees in one township.

The outcome of these trees planted will be:

  • Increased farm income
  • Will help farmers adapt to climate change
  • Increased Carbon Sequestration
  • Decrease road maintenance/ salt
  • Decrease accidents
  • Demonstrate for other Counties
  • Increased durability of communities

Progress to date since initiation---2006:

  • Established Partners
  • 21 presentations
  • On the ground field day
  • Funding Package
  • Farm Forester in place
  • Mapleton info package
  • EFP Workshops
  • 2009 spring plant 27 km of windbreaks
  • Fall planting 50 km of trees
  • On the ground learning
  • Plastic mulch application
  • Shelterbelt-energy savings of 25%--$800-$1000/yr

For more information contact:

Forestry Specialist
Mark Funk

Liz Samis