Winter at the Poor House

November 3 - March, 2013

Discover the stories of winter celebrations and activities here at the House of Industry and Refuge. The Poor House was always a part of the community, especially during the Christmas season, when people visited, brought small gifts and entertained the residents. 

image of William and Margaret Griffin_ph9284.jpg
The House was managed by
William and Margaret Griffin from 1884 to 1919. During these years, Mrs. Griffin's cousin, Elizabeth
and her husband Truman Corey, provided gifts of handkerchiefs, oranges, bananas and tobacco.
The Griffins were a musical family and they and the Coreys enjoyed performing on piano and guitar as well as hosting local talent at the House. One of the Day Rooms (at the east end of the first floor) was decorated with a tree, flags, plants and colourful banners. On New Year's Day, Elora photographer
John Connon displayed his local pictures. Such events no doubt brightened the long days for those with no families over the winter season.



(above): Christmas at the House  of Industry in 1915 with Keeper William and
 his wife, Matron Margaret Griffin (seated).  WCMA, ph 9284.

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