Agriculture and Business Preparedness

Agriculture preparedness

From barn fires to hazardous materials spills to natural disasters, emergency situations often call for special measures to protect your animals, your property and your business. Know the risks and take precautions now.

"Planning for and Responding to Disasters in Canada"

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Business Preparedness

According to Public Safety Canada, the scope, frequency and cost of disasters are increasing. In the last four years there have been twelve disaster-related Canadian incidents and four of those were in 2011 alone. Not only have these incidents had negative consequences on personal lives and belongings, but have caused business disruptions and even failures. Statistics show that 86% of small and medium-sized businesses fail within three years of a major incident if there is no tested preparedness plan in place.

In December of 2013, Wellington County and local municipalities, experienced a severe ice-storm causing wide spread power outages lasting from 3 hours to 14 days in some areas.  Wellington County provides essential services to the public and recognize these services must continue to be delivered during a disruption regardless of the nature of the hazard. The County is currently finalizing plans for all essential departments and has adopted the name, Service Continuity Plan, which is also known as a Business Continuity Plan.

The development of the Service Continuity Plan under the Emergency Management Division, has led to many useful resources and information pertaining to Business Preparedness.

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