Blue Box Materials

Wellington County Blue BoxThere are two ways to recycle blue box materials in the County of Wellington. Some residents have curbside collection, and all residents can use County waste facilities. There is no charge to participate in the Blue Box Recycling Programme. If you are a new resident in the County, please feel free to contact us with questions.

Curbside collection is in two streams placed in blue boxes - Containers and Paper Products (including Corrugated Cardboard). Curbside collection includes cart collection for apartments and schools.

Blue box materials are collected in three streams when you drop off at waste facilities - Containers, Paper Products and Corrugated Cardboard. Dedicated bins at waste facilities are labelled for each of the materials accepted.


 Recyle paper products

Acceptable containers and paper products are shown in these images.


It is important that materials be prepared and separated properly to help improve operational efficiencies.


This also ensures that the recyclables are in the best possible condition for processing and sale to end markets.



Note that improvements to the processing abilities of our Material Recycling Facility now allow lids and caps to be left on containers.


 Recycle Food, Beverage and Liquid Containers

Examples of non-acceptable glass: drinking glasses, plates, coffee cups, window glass, ceramics, light bulbs, mirrors, any broken glass, etc.

  • these different types of glass do not have the same melting point as glass containers

Examples of non-acceptable paper products: gift wrap, gift bags, tissue paper, waxy cardboard, spiral wound frozen food containers (i.e. frozen juice container), laminated papers, any papers with foreign materials attached, paper cups, paper towels, toilet paper, candy wrappers, carbon paper, photographic paper, blueprint paper, facial tissue, thermal fax paper, bristol board, construction paper, art work, cards (with foil, plastic, ribbon or lamination), etc.

Examples of non-acceptable plastics: motor oil and pesticide containers, plastic bags, Styrofoam, prescription vials/bottles, reusable plastic food containers, planting pots/trays, shrink wrap, toys, plates, laundry baskets, meat trays, hangers, cutlery, etc.

Examples of non-acceptable metals: pots and pans, aerosol and paint cans, hangers, cutlery, scrap metal, snack/chip bags, etc.

These items are not accepted because of contamination or attachments which cannot be removed, or because there is no market for the material.


Gold Box Reward Programme

Read about the Gold Box Reward Programme - a new initiative designed to reward the County's best recyclers.


Not sure what to do with an unwanted material or item?

Check the County of Wellington's Recyclopedia

Have a broken blue box?

Take your broken blue box to any County waste facility to be exchanged for a new one for free.  The broken blue box will be recycled.