Cart Collection for Apartment Buildings and Schools

Resident Information

If you have blue box recycling available to you in your building, SWS is making it easier for you to participate. Every resident should receive an in-unit recycling bag. The bag is divided so that you may sort your clean containers into one side, and boxboard and paper into the other. You can easily carry the bag by its handles to the recycling area of your building. The bag can be wiped out periodically to keep it clean. Magnets are also available with sorting instructions.

Prepare materials

  • rinse containers to remove food or liquids
  • remove plastic straws and place in garbage
  • leave lids and caps on containers and place in carts
  • place the top of a tin can inside the can to prevent cuts to the sorters
  • do not place any sharp objects with your recyclables (e.g. broken glass, knives, needles etc.) This is a serious health and safety risk to collectors and sorters.


Superintendent Information

apartment building

The Solid Waste Services (SWS) Division is working with other municipalities in Ontario to increase recycling opportunities in apartment buildings. Last summer, SWS visited every apartment building in Wellington County and documented what blue box recycling was in place. This summer, staff will be working with building owners and managers to start or improve blue box recycling in all buildings of 7 units or more.

Every building owner or manager was contacted by letter in April 2012. The letter explained how apartment buildings can improve their blue box recycling. If you have seven units or more in your building and did not receive a letter, please contact SWS.

Buildings purchase carts and are responsible for taking them to the curb by 7:00 am for collection. SWS provides signs and posters for your recycling area, as well as in-unit bags and magnets for residents.

School Custodian Information

For information on collection, carts, placement, signs etc., please contact SWS.