Clinics and Services

Mental Health Clinic

A Geriatric Psychiatrist conducts a monthly clinic to review individual residents who are experiencing responsive behaviours as a result of their dementia.

Advanced Footcare Services

A fully qualified Advanced Foot Care Nurse is available to conduct advanced foot care.  Appointments are arranged through the team leader in each neighbourhood.

Audiology Services

The audiology clinic operates once a month.  Using modern and comprehensive audiological (hearing) testing equipment, an audiologist assesses client's hearing, prescribes and tests assistive devices.  Hearing aid repairs and prescriptions can be arranged through this clinic.  Appointments are made directly through the Doctor of Audiology. Ongoing training is also provided to staff on care and maintenance of hearing aids, as well as good communication strategies.

Dental Services

A Dental Hygienist provides dental services.  The on-site dental hygienist provides services such as dental cleanings, denture cleaning, stain removal. Clients may book appointments directly with the dental office.

Seating/Mobility Assessment

Residents may borrow walkers and wheelchairs. A minimal fee is charged monthly to cover maintenance and cleaning.  The seating assessment ensures that wheelchairs and walkers are suited to meet their comfort needs. All assessments are conducted by an occupational therapist.

Physiotherapy Department

At Wellington Terrace, the Physiotherapy Department plays an integral role in helping our residents attain their highest possible level of well-being. Two physiotherapists and one physiotherapy assistant ensure that each resident receives the treatment they need.

Our staff members have extensive knowledge and experience in the various physiotherapy specializations: orthopedics, neurology, rheumatology, geriatrics, and pain management.

Each new resident receives a full physiotherapy assessment when they arrive. If necessary, they are placed on a treatment programme tailored to their specific needs and abilities. Our most common interventions involve increasing independence and mobility, decreasing pain, and minimizing complications from existing conditions. Treatments are part of a interdisciplinary careplan and take place two to three times per week. Upon completion of their treatment, residents have other options the help them to maintain and enjoy the results.

As part of the interdisciplinary health care team the physiotherapy department is in constant contact with other departments such as nursing, recreation, and restorative care. This communication allows us to integrate each resident's treatment programme across departments and ensures continuity when their physiotherapy is complete.

In addition to one-on-one treatment, the physiotherapy department also offers a group session for our more active residents. This session focuses on improving balance and strength and occurs twice per week.

Each member of the physiotherapy staff takes great pride in striving to maintain the highest standard of patient care and following best practice principles. In addition, they participate on all relevant committees as part of the WT team.