Communication and Education

Solid Waste Services uses a number of ways to communicate information to residents and to encourage your feedback. SWS strives to be cost effective in delivery and to use a variety of methods to inform residents.  

The County of Wellington is pleased to have received awards in the annual Municipal Waste Association Promotion and Education Awards. Most recently, Wellington County received Silver in the Best Newsletter category in 2012.  In 2013, Wellington County received Silver in the Best Calendar category for a municipality with 30,000 or more households. 

Video links

How New Bottles Are Made

Tour of typical Material Recycling Facility  


SWS Calendar

The Solid Waste Services calendar is a handy reference for reminders of all SWS services, programmes, collection schedules, event days and contact information. 

Fact sheet links

SWS offers several fact sheets on specific topics such as Garbage disposal, blue box recycling and waste facility information.


When you are unsure how to properly dispose of an item, the County of Wellington's Recyclopedia offers answers

25 th Anniversary blue box information

Read about the origin of the blue box in Wellington County and how the programme has grown.

Gold Box Reward Programme

Learn about this new initiative designed to reward the County's best recyclers.

SWS - Past, Present and Future

Information on the challenges faced by SWS through amalgamation, the improvements put in place, and plans for an environmentally friendly future.

SWS Newsletter

Residents indicate they love the SWS newsletter. It contains helpful tips, reminders for events, and of course, a message from the SWS Committee Chair.

SWS Annual Reports

The Solid Waste Services (SWS) Annual reports provide an overview of the various activities, services, and tonnages managed by the SWS Division.