The County of Wellington subsidizes the sale of composters for $30 (tax included) year-round at all of our waste facilities.

The Earth Machine composters which we stock have the following specifications:

  • large 360 litre capacity (82 cm high by an 82 cm base diameter)
  • made from recycled plastic
  • easy snap together assembly
  • durable and lightweight design
  • rodent resistant (securable access door and locking lid)
  • twist pegs that secure the unit to the ground

Please note that the County will not be hosting a truckload sale in 2016.  Please watch this page or the Wellington Advertiser for notice of any future Truckload sale.

Don't forget about vermicomposting

red wigglers with finished compostVermicomposting is usually practised indoors, and is perfect for anyone in a household or business where outdoor composting is not an option. It is also an excellent educational tool for children to learn about composting first-hand.

Contact us for more information or search online for numerous tips on building a worm bin, ordering red wiggler worms, etc. Remember, worms are not dirty or smelly and a worm bin is easy to maintain.