Curbside Blue Box Collection

Urban areas of the County receive weekly collection of blue boxes. The rural areas of Guelph/Eramosa and Erin receive bi-weekly collection. Collection is provided from Tuesday to Friday each week. If you are not sure of your collection day, where to place your materials, or whether you get curbside collection, please contact SWS.

An alternate collection day is provided if your regular collection day falls on a statutory holiday.

You must place blue box recyclables in municipal style blue boxes for collection. Placement of the boxes for curbside collection is important for efficiency and safety. Apartment buildings with seven units or more use large wheeled carts for collection . No matter which type of collection you have, the same rules apply.


Prepare materials

  • rinse containers to remove food or liquids
  • remove plastic straws and place in garbage
  • leave lids and caps on containers
  • place the top of a tin can inside the can to prevent cuts to the sorters
  • do not place any sharp objects with your recyclables (e.g. broken glass, knives, needles etc.) This is a serious health and safety risk to collectors and sorters.


Have your blue boxes out by 7:00 am alarm clock at 7:00 am

  • unexpected changes to truck routing happen routinely (e.g. bad weather, road closures, accidents, truck breakdowns, and waiting times at waste facilities)
  • collectors are not responsible for returning to collect materials that were placed out after 7:00 am
  • if you miss your collection, please store your materials until your next collection day or take them to any County waste facility at no charge


Separate materials - containers in one blue box, paper in the other

  • review images on which materials are acceptable and how to sort them
  • if you use only one blue box, place containers at one end and stand paper up at the other
  • please don't use plastic bags to separate materials - they are not recyclable in our programme and contaminate the load

Corrugated Cardboard

  • corrugated cardboard has a wavy layer between two smooth layers of linerboard
  • place small amounts of flattened cardboard with other Paper Products in the blue box
  • bundle larger quantities with string or tape and place beside your blue box - maximum bundle size is 30 by 60 by 60 cm (one by two by two feet)
  • cardboard sheets may also be stuffed into an unflattened cardboard box that does not exceed the maximum bundle size
  • maximum of three cardboard bundles per week, per address
  • heaped or loose piles will not be collected

Shredded Paper

  • shred confidential documents and accumulate until you can fill a large clear bag
  • place the tied clear bag beside your blue box (to reduce litter)


Placement of blue boxes

  • place blue boxes in a visible location
  • do not place blue boxes in ditches, on snow piles, or on the travelled part of the road or sidewalk

Urban Curbside Collection Areas

  • place blue boxes on the right side of the driveway when looking out at the road, and within one metre (three feet) of the curb or roadside

Rural Curbside Collection Areas

Municipal style blue boxes 

  • for Health & Safety reasons as well as efficiency of route management, no substitute containers will be collected (i.e. no laundry baskets, cardboard boxes, etc.)
  • each household or business may have two blue boxes at no charge

    • extra blue boxes may be obtained from our waste facilities at $5 each - six blue boxes maximum will be collected
  • write your address on the box so it can be returned on a windy day
  • rinse out the box periodically to keep hornets away


Oops Dear Recycler StickerUncollected materials

  • SWS uses a "Dear Recycler" sticker to explain the main reasons for materials being left behind. Please contact us and we can help explain the problem.
  • if materials were placed out after 7:00 am, you may have missed your collection
  • collectors will not return to pick up materials placed out after 7:00 am




Cart collection for apartments and schools

The same basic rules apply. Review detailed information on how to participate in recycling in apartments and schools.

By-law 4546-03 sets out the requirements for curbside collection.

Not sure what to do with an unwanted material or item?

Check the County of Wellington's Recyclopedia