Curbside Garbage Collection

The County has a full user pay system for garbage. There is a fee for every bag of garbage picked up at curbside. This system encourages people to practice the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and gives them some control over how much they want to spend on their garbage each week.

There are two sizes of user pay bags available at many locations throughout the County.

  • ten large bags (dimensions 30" x 38") cost $17.50 - no HST
  • ten smaller bags (dimensions 24" x 28") cost $10 - no HST

Any item which does not fit within a closed user pay bag will not be collected. Larger items may be taken to any County waste facility (waste fees apply).

Collection is provided every week in urban areas and every other week in the rural areas of Erin and Guelph/Eramosa. Collection is provided from Tuesday to Friday each week. If you are unsure if you receive curbside collection at your home or business, contact SWS.

An alternate collection day is provided if your regular collection day falls on a statutory holiday.

Have your garbage out by 7:00 am alarm clock at 7:00 am

  • Unexpected changes to truck routing happen routinely (e.g. bad weather, road closures, accidents, truck breakdowns, changing wait times at waste facilities)
  • collectors are not responsible for returning to collect garbage that was placed out after 7:00 am
  • if you miss your collection, please store your garbage until your next collection day or take user pay bags to any County waste facility at no charge

Preparation and placement of garbage bags

  • tie bags securely closed
  • sharp objects will not be collected curbside
  • there is no limit to the number of bags that can be set out
  • each bag must weigh less than 18 kg (40 lb)
  • place bags beside your blue boxes in a visible location, on the right side of the driveway when looking out at the road, and within one metre (three feet) of the curb or roadside
  • do not place bags in ditches, on snow piles, or on the travelled part of the road or sidewalk
  • do not place user pay bags in garbage cans

    • pre-authorization is required in special circumstances for collection from garbage cans, contact SWS if you require assistance

Rural collection

Rural residents have different instructions for placement of materials for collection.

  • collection is provided every other week - see the Rural Curbside Collection Schedule for 2016. Your SWS calendar was distributed in the Wellington Advertiser on December 11
  • if you live on a Provincial Highway or a Wellington County Road, place your User Pay bag at the end of your laneway (on the right side when facing the road)
  • if you live on a Town or Township Road, place your User Pay bag on the side of the road where the mail boxes are located (see the Town of Erin Rural Roadside Collection Map or Rural Roadside Guelph/Eramosa Map for more information and exceptions )

  • if you are unsure about where to place your materials, please contact SWS
  • rural residents may use a garbage can without pre-authorization