Dementia Supported Care

Wellington Terrace is committed to responding to dementia care needs while respecting the dignity and individuality of the Resident. The extent of dementia is different for each Resident and therefore our plan and goals will reflect that. Our dementia supported programme includes:

  • Montessori Approach to dementia care
  • Snoezelen equipment and approaches
  • A secured neighbourhood ensures safety for Residents
  • Recreation Therapy programmes and individual supports
  • 'Helping Hands' - One staff is dedicated to working with individual Residents who are exhibiting responsive behaviours related to their dementia
  • Mental Health Clinic - A Geriatric Psychiatrist conducts a monthly clinic to review individual residents who are experiencing responsive behaviours as a result of their dementia

Ontario's Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) are enhancing services for seniors who exhibit behaviours associated with complex and challenging mental health, dementia or other neurological conditions by investing in local initiatives that will improve care.

These investments are part of the provincial Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO), which focuses on providing quality care for individuals with these conditions, in an environment that is based on safety, high quality, evidence-based care and practice. Wellington Terrace has two employees assigned to take a lead to focus on our action plan.

Listen, Talk, Connect

This link will take you to a document published in the UK, which we think is a very useful guide to assist families and care givers in supporting someone with dementia.  It demonstrates a language and approach to care, we strive for. 

Waterloo Wellington LHIN Newsletter

Check out the latest copy (above) of the Waterloo Wellington LHIN Newsletter, and read about our Behaviour Support Staff under Residents Benefit from Montessori Based Dementia Programming.