Dementia Supported Care

Wellington Terrace is committed to responding to dementia care needs while respecting the dignity and individuality of the Resident. Our dementia supported programme includes:

  • Montessori Approach to dementia care
  • Snoezelen equipment
  • A secured neighbourhood ensures safety for Residents
  • Recreation Therapy programmes and individual supports
  • 'Helping Hands' - One staff is dedicated to working with individual Residents who are exhibiting responsive behaviours related to their dementia
  • Mental Health Clinic - A Geriatric Psychiatrist conducts a monthly clinic to review individual residents who are experiencing responsive behaviours as a result of their dementia

Behaviour Supports RPN and PSW assess residents and develop a "tool box"  of interventions for the team to utilize to minimize responsive behaviours. 

Listen, Talk, Connect

This link will take you to a document published in the UK, which we think is a very useful guide to assist families and care givers in supporting someone with dementia.  It demonstrates a language and approach to care, we strive for.