Family Council

The Wellington Terrace Family Council began in 2007. The Family Council is a group of family members and friends of residents who come together on a regular basis to discuss issues which may affect resident's quality of life.

The members also act as a support network for one another and all families of Wellington Terrace.  The meetings present an opportunity for friends and families to discuss ideas and concerns and to make recommendations for change to the Home. 

What we do:

  • Provide support and information to families of new residents
  • Promote open and effective communication between the Home and families
  • Participate in the planning of special events
  • Participate in organizing educational opportunities for family members
  • Advocate on behalf of our residents and families, at the regional level. 
  • Family members are welcome to participate in meetings. A bulletin board is located in the elevator lobby lists current membership, minutes of meetings and notice of next meeting.