Public Notice

Solid Waste Services has partnered with Oraclepoll Research to conduct a telephone survey this month.

We would very much appreciate your help! If you receive a call from Oraclepoll Research, please consider taking a few minutes to answer their questions.

The survey will include questions about the level of curbside collection services provided today, in both urban and rural areas of the County. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Garbage and Recycling

The 2016 SWS Calendar was distributed in the December 11 issue of the Wellington Advertiser. If you missed it, you can pick one up at any of the following: County waste facilities, library branches, or municipal offices. The 2016 Calendar is also available here for download.

2016 SWS Calendar Cover

The theme of this year's calendar is "The Three R's and More". We are familiar with the well known Three R's, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. However, there are many more R's which help protect the environment. Each month will highlight one of the R's. 


It also includes information on holiday changes, diversion programmes including blue box recycling, rural curbside collection schedules, waste facility hours and locations, and more.  We hope you enjoy it.


Solid Waste Services (SWS) is one of two divisions of the Engineering Services Department and is also one of the County's green operations. Staff provides programmes to collect, divert or dispose of garbage and recyclables for County residents.  Activities involve the following:


  • overseeing curbside collection contract
  • organizing event days
  • offering customer service at all waste facilities
  • providing waste facility collection and diversion opportunities
  • ensuring safe and environmentally sound management of landfill operations and closed landfill sites
  • monitoring site long-term environmental performance


  • assessing budgets and financial issues
  • conducting research and policy development
  • developing waste management and diversion strategies     
  • creating tenders and contracts
  • collecting and reporting data
  • directing promotion and education

All staff apply the SWS Green Strategy and our Core "Green Principles" in daily operations.

SWS Green Strategy

  • to include "Green Principles" in all areas of waste management decisions and actions
  • to promote the success and accomplishments of these initiatives

Red Trillium from SWS siteCore "Green Principles"

  • to protect and enhance the natural environment
  • to reduce the carbon footprint of any operation
  • to practice a "Life Cycle" approach