Gold Box Reward Programme

The County's Gold Box Reward Programme is designed to reward the County's best recyclers. This programme is open to every household in Wellington County, including households with curbside collection and those who take their recyclables to one of the County's six waste facilities. The goal is for residents to show their commitment to recycling in a fun way and perhaps create a little friendly competition with neighbours vying for their own Gold Box.  The programme is ongoing and a minimum of 25 Gold Boxes will be awarded every year. 

If you would like your own blue box to be considered for a random check, please fill out our on-line Gold Box Reward Programme Form.

Please note that you may only apply for your own household's recycling, whether by curbside collection or drop-off at one of our facilities. Please indicate which of the two options you wish to be considered for. 


 Qualifying criteria for the Gold Box includes:

  • only acceptable items are in the blue boxes
  • materials are properly sorted into papers and containers
  • recyclables are clean
  • cardboard is flattened and bundled (if necessary)
  • no recyclables placed in plastic bags, and
  • participation in recycling programme on a consistent basis


Congratulations to our 2015 Gold Box Recyclers:

Photo Gallery: 2015 Gold Box Reward Winners will appear here on the public site.

Al and Gloria B. (Eden Mills), Marion B. (Rockwood), Eva N. (Rockwood), David C. (Rockwood), Paul H. (Guelph- Eramosa), Charlene S. (Guelph-Eramosa), Richard B. (Guelph-Eramosa), Ruth R. (Ariss), Bill G. (Guelph-Eramosa), Janet K. (Drayton), Tracey and Indica R. (Drayton), Brian W. (Drayton), Paula O. (Alma), Nancy M. (Alma), Penny D. (Harriston), Brianna L. (Fergus), Kristy and Dan K. (Fergus), Peter B. (Fergus), Diane N. (Fergus), David H. (Fergus), Linda M. (Fergus), Rob G. (Fergus), Aaron T. (Fergus), Don C. (Fergus), Andrea V. (Fergus), Craig and Donna C. (Elora), Mark W. (Elora), Mrs. Jackson (Salem), Bryan W. (Salem), Pam S. (Elora), Ellen S. (Elora), The Lovelock's (Elora), Juhani and Ase P. (Salem), Helen B. (Salem), Vince M. (Belwood), Christine and Perry L. (Belwood), Carol P. (Belwood), Chyl B. (Belwood), Darryl M. (Belwood), Natalie D. (Belwood), Sarah B. (Belwood), Angela B.-M. (Belwood), Mary and Neil P. (Belwood), Donna and Mike M. (Belwood), Roy H. (Belwood), Linda C. (Belwood), Shirley B. (Belwood), Pat and Amanda S. (Belwood), Gerry T. (Belwood), Angela V. (Belwood), Debbie J. (Elora), David and Joy S. (Erin), Aaron C. (Erin), Elke I. (Erin), Kris H. (Erin), Pamela F. (Erin), Carmenza A. (Erin), Don R. (Erin), Patricia D. (Ospringe), Jean and John D. (Erin), Vivian R. (Erin), Anne M. (Erin), Ken H. (Erin), Lee and Ann-Marie H. (Erin), Jim and Mary Ellen M. (Hillsburgh), Marcel F. (Erin), Mary M. (Erin), Nita N. (Erin), Karen C. (Erin), Gord F. (Erin), Andrew M. (Mount Forest), Roger C. (Mount Forest), Don and Mary Ellen A. (Mount Forest), Gloria P. (Mount Forest), Kim M. (Mount Forest), Laura C. (Mount Forest)

At Curbside

For the curbside programme, SWS wants you to submit your name for consideration for the best recyclers on our collection routes.   
  • SWS staff will randomly check on how well your household is recycling over a number of weeks (see above qualifying criteria).
  • SWS staff will then choose the best of the best to receive a Gold Box.

At Waste Facilities

For the waste facilities group, site staff will be assessing customers as they bring their materials in for recycling . Site staff will be using the same qualifying criteria as above in their assessment.  A minimum of one Gold Box will be awarded at each waste facility (there are six facilities).

Good luck to everyone! gold box