Wellington Terrace Long Term Care Home

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Wellington Terrace Exterior

Serving Wellington County for over 100 years

The original Wellington County Home of Refuge was located on a farm near the Grand River, between Fergus and Elora (Aboyne) in Centre Wellington.  The main building was constructed in 1877 as a "Poor House" or place of refuge for the poor, homeless, and destitute people in Wellington County. It operated as a Poor House and Industrial Farm until 1947 when it became Wellington County Home for the Aged. In 1974, the former House of Refuge became the Wellington County Museum and today is the oldest House of Industry and Refuge (link to museum) still standing in Canada.


The second Wellington Terrace was built in 1971, and was home to 176 residents.  Recognized as a Home for the Aged, the home served residents in this location for over 30 years.  As our resident's needs changed, plans began to rebuild the Wellington Terrace.

old terrace

In May of 2006, residents, staff and volunteers moved to our current location.  Our newest building is located beside the Wellington County Museum and Archives.   It is a 140,000 square foot, two story building consisting of six neighbourhoods (resident home areas).  We care for approximately 30 residents in each neighbourhood consisting of private and basic accommodation in each.  Throughout the home residents have access to chapel, games room, hair salon, Snoezelen room and family suite.  The Wellington Room serves as a space for residents use for family gatherings.  Outside, there are walking paths, courtyards, roof top gardens, pavilion overlooking our pond.   Residents can easily access the County Library and Museum and Archives right next door. 

In 2007, the long term care act was enacted and Homes for the Aged in Ontario became Long-Term Care Homes.

Did you know these facts about the Wellington Terrace?

  • Has 176 residents
  • Has 242 employees
  • Is the largest employer in Aboyne
  • 4th Largest employer in Centre Wellington
  • 10th Largest employer in Wellington County
  •  Is the 3rd home built by the County of Wellington
  • 1St Home built in 1877 at a cost of $12,000., 2 storey facility, built by F.J. Chubb, Architect C.J. Soule, housing " 60 inmates" (certainly not today's terminology!)
  • The Home was officially named the House of Industry (name changed to Wellington County Home for the Aged in 1947)
  • Even married couples had to be separated at the House of Industry! (by 1960, there was still no married accommodation!)
  • The old house of refuge became the Wellington County Museum and Archives and today is the oldest house of industry and refuge still standing in Canada!
  • 2nd Home was built in 1971 at a cost of $2,100,000, 2 storey facility, built by Len Ariss and Co. Ltd., Architect Donald Skinner, housing 176 residents.
  • The home was officially named the Wellington Terrace
  •  3rd Home built in 2004-2006 at a cost of $25,000,000, 2 storey facility, built by Bondfield Construction Co. Ltd., Stantec Architecture Ltd., housing 176 residents
  • 140,000 square feet (10,000 square feet used by Public Health)
  • Has facilitated the connection of water and sewer services to the Museum and Library as well as completion of the water connection between Elora and Fergus, and the extension of sewer services to Aboyne
  • Staff prepare and serve 192,720 meals per year
  • We partner with a number of education institutions to provide classroom or placement opportunities.