Organic wastes (kitchen scraps, leaf and yard waste, and Christmas trees) make up approximately one-third of the waste stream. SWS believes that composting at home is the most practical and cost-effective way to manage organic materials in Wellington County.

Backyard composting is an outdoor activity involving the natural decomposition of organic materials, such as kitchen and yard waste, by soil organisms. Composters are available at any of the County's six waste facilities, year round for $30.  Please note that the County will not be hosting a truckload sale in 2015.  Please watch this page or the Wellington Advertiser for notice of any future Truckload sale.

The Master Composter Programme is an initiative from SWS to assist residents in successfully managing their organics through home composting. The programme focuses on education and includes workshops for residents to learn how to compost at home - in their backyard or in their kitchen. It will also expand to include a neighbourhood captain programme where volunteers will be available to assist residents with their composting questions, one-on-one. Demonstration gardens and beautification projects will be established as the programme matures.