Other drop-off options for Electronics

Reuse options:

  • if the items can be reused, give away to family or friends, donate to local community groups, charities, or Computers for Schools
  • use the County of Welllington's Recyclopedia or Wellington Reuses to find additional reuse opportunities
  • take to a Reuse Centre at a County waste facility (fees apply)
  • find out about local organizations that accept computers for reuse, refurbishment, or dismantling
  • remember to remove all personal or confidential data from equipment and drives or find out if the organization has suitable privacy protection measures in place to ensure your information cannot be accessed

Recycling options:

Solid Waste Services is partnering with Greentec to accept e-waste at each of our waste facilities. Simply place e-waste beside the dedicated bins, as directed by site staff.  A full list of acceptable items is available on Greentec's website.

 electronics recycling bin at sites


  • contact the supplier (retail outlet) or the manufacturer to find out about their recycling options
  • check out the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Recycle Your Electronics website for more recycling options