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In May 2003, SWS launched the Wellington Solid Waste News. The first full colour issue was distributed in March 2009. The Spring 2012 newsletter provided programme and event information in an updated look. Our newsletter is now delivered as an over-wrap in the Wellington Advertiser and is also available online.

SWS produces two Newsletters per year - Spring and Fall. Newsletters provide timely information on various programmes and services offered by SWS. Please email SWS with your ideas for topics to include in future issues.

2015 Issues:

Spring 2015 - was published in the April 17 edition of the Wellington Advertiser.  Information on this year's HHW and electronics event days, 2014 Gold Box winners announced, Inside SWS interview with Bruce, balewrap programme change reminder, tipping fee increase reminder, a message from our Chair Don McKay, composting workshops invitation, and a request for feedback on the 2015 SWS Calendar.

2014 Issues:

Fall/Winter 2014 - inside you will find information on the Aberfoyle Waste Facility renovation, an Inside SWS interview with Becky, tips on leaf management, winter composting ideas, 2015 SWS Calendar announcement, and a message from our Chair

Spring/Summer 2014 - invitation to backyard composting workshop, Inside SWS interview with one of the SWS landfill equipment operators, schedule of 2014 household hazardous waste and electronics event days, 2013 Gold Box Winners and information on reward programme, a message from our Chair

Past Issues:

Fall/Winter 2013/14

Spring/Summer 2013

Fall/Winter 2012

Spring 2012 

December 2011

September 2011

June 2011

April 2011