Volunteers Say

"I have enjoyed my time here at Wellington Terrace. I have learned how to assist a resident in the dining room, and how to communicate with a resident who has Dementia. I think it is important to see as people's lives change."

"I find my volunteer work fulfilling when I take people to the Snoezelen Room and they get enjoyment from the experience."

"I enjoy working with the residents and the staff. Being able to help is very satisfying and fulfilling."

"I love working with the residents with my dog, and I am glad we signed on!"

"Everything is run smoothly and it is a great opportunity (to volunteer). Keep doing what you are doing!"

"While volunteering here, I got to improve my kitchen skills and I gained helpful experience!"

"It is rewarding and satisfying to see residents enjoy and look forward to (my exercise) class; to see improvement and to realize the importance the activity holds for some individuals."

"I love to have fun and make people smile. I am really enjoying this volunteer experience!"

"Thank you for allowing us to enjoy our new friends that we visit with weekly!"

"I like the way the Volunteer Services are set up."

"Staff are receptive and couldn't be nicer!"

"I enjoy interacting with the residents; I especially enjoy the meal programs because there is always something to do and you feel very useful and needed, which is gratifying."

"This is a smoothly-run organization; volunteers feel appreciated and recognized; lots of volunteer opportunities are provided."

"I've enjoyed my time here at Wellington Terrace. I will recommend it to anyone in need of volunteer hours or something positive and enjoyable to do in their spare time."

"I really appreciate the acceptance and flexibility that volunteering gave me."

"Thinking about this, generally, I think that a satisfied happy volunteer is the best advertisement. It is a pleasure to come here!"

"Thank you for the great opportunity!"