Waste Facilities

County waste facilities are available to all residents and businesses in the County of Wellington (excludes City of Guelph). The County operates one active landfill site and five transfer stations. A transfer station may take almost any material that a landfill will take, but in smaller quantity. Talk to SWS staff about exceptions. All waste facilities can take what will fit in a pickup truck or small utility trailer. Our landfill site at Riverstown can handle larger vehicles including dump trucks and packer trucks.

Locations, Hours, Driving Instructions

Note: County waste facilities are not open on Sundays or Mondays. All County waste facilities will be closed on statutory holidays.


  • payment of disposal fees is required at the time of drop-off, by cash, cheque, or business account
  • for payment by cheque, two pieces of ID are required

    • driver's License
    • Mastercard or Visa
    • cheques returned due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) will be charged the original tipping fee plus a $35 administrative fee to the credit card number provided
  • to find out about setting up a business credit account, contact SWS

Disposal Fees

  • $1 per bag or equivalent, to a maximum of 10 bags (after that, carload or scaled fees will apply)
  • sites with weigh scales charge $75 per metric tonne - minimum $10
  • sites without scales charge $15 per carload, $30 per truck or trailer load
  • flat fees may apply to some individual items (e.g. furniture)


Waste facilities operate under Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA), Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change regulations and County Disposal By-law 5450-15. The ECA details legal obligations that facility owners must comply with in daily operations.

  • attendants have the authority to:

    • inspect loads
    • refuse loads
    • redirect loads
    • ask for proof that materials are generated within Wellington County (excludes City of Guelph)
  • disposal fees must be paid at the time of disposal of each load
  • scavenging is not permitted (Regulation 347)
  • liquids and household hazardous waste are not acceptable in garbage
  • to ensure ashes and coals are "cold" please allow them to sit for a two (2) week period before bringing to a waste facility - advise site attendant upon arrival that you are bringing in cold ashes 
  • wastes that must be separated include:
    • Blue Box materials
    • appliances
    • scrap metal
    • tires
    • wood and brush


SWS staff follow numerous procedures to comply with legislation and to ensure the personal safety of residents and staff. Customers entering each solid waste transfer and disposal facility use the facility at their own risk. For the safety of themselves and others, customers must:

  • always obey the road signs and directions of site attendants
  • declare any select Household Hazardous Waste or tires you are bringing in for disposal
  • ensure children under 12 years of age do not exit from the vehicle or unload waste
  • ensure animals are not permitted to exit the vehicle

Wellington County residents may also use some of the disposal services provided by the City of Guelph. Please contact the City for more information.