Weed Inspection

The following is a list of noxious weeds:

  • Common Barberry
  • Smooth Bedstraw
  • European Buckthorn
  • Wild Chervil
  • Colt's-foot
  • Common Crupina
  • Woolly Cupgrass
  • Dodder spp.
  • Dog-Strangling Vine
  • Dog-Strangling Vine-Black
  • Jointed Goatgrass
  • Giant Hogweed
  • Knapweed spp.
  • Kudzu
  • Wild Parsnip
  • Poison Hemlock
  • Poison-ivy
  • Ragweed spp.
  • Tansy Ragwort
  • Sow-Thistle spp.
  • Cypress Spurge
  • Leafy Spurge
  • Bull Thistle
  • Canada Thistle
  • Serrated Tussock

If you own property ten acres or less in size, noxious weeds must be destroyed by June 1, 2015 and throughout the season. The municipality may otherwise enter the property and have the weeds destroyed, charging the costs against the land as set out in the Weed Control Act.

Weed Inspector

John C. Benham 
T 519.846.3394
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