What Residents & Families Say About Us:

"Wellington Terrace employs such wonderful, kind and caring staff.  Their patience and gentleness with our mother was outstanding.  The communication and updates were ongoing.  It was very touching to see all the staff drop in her room just to say hello, right till the end.  The Memorial Booklet was a lovely sentiment.  I would definitely recommend this facility.  God Bless You All.  Thank You." 

 "Your staff on all shifts showed my old Dad genuine affection, real care and great respect.  I felt completely confident that he was in the best place available.  It meant the world to him, and most assuredly, to me, to have him in their good hands."

"The decision to accept a placement at The Terrace when my father's need for care increased was a difficult one.  His room was delightfully private, functionally spacious and suitably furnished.  He and my mother, who visited every day, took great pleasure from his view of the pond, gazebo and swans.  His room was always clean and fresh.  He was comfortable there and it was enjoyable to visit him in that setting.  The service that my father received from your staff over the last year has been commendable.  While his state of health permitted it, he was included in a wide range of recreational activities.  My mother also enjoyed being able to participate in family events, social evenings and other special activities.  We always felt welcome at the Terrace". 

 "My dad was very happy at the Terrace and always told me how everyone he came in contact with was so very nice to him and respectful towards him.  This meant a great deal to me because I knew that he was safe there and treated with dignity.  That took a great deal of stress off my mind".

 "Our expectations are regularly exceeded and we want you to know we are very grateful".

 "Having lived alone for several years as a widow, I hated to give up my independence.  When asked to move to the Wellington Terrace Long Term Care Home, I felt, well, that's it.  Life has ended for me as far as being independent is concerned.  I certainly found out how wrong I was!  The first thing I noticed was I hadn't met anyone who didn't smile.  Smiles are like sunshine, which spreads itself around.  The staff seem to have been chosen especially for this place.  I feel at home here and am sure I will be happy until I make my last journey.  At 91 years old, I'm playing games and joining in song - even though I've no voice.  I no longer feel useless and old.  God Bless this House and everyone in it."

 "There has never been a need that has not been met with compassion and caring during this time.  From the nursing staff, the kitchen staff, the office staff, the cleaning staff to the maintenance staff, each one is professional, with the residents always the first concern.  I truly feel blessed to have this wonderful place to call home and whenever I come in after a day or any time away, it is a joy to know I'm back with all those who mean so much to me."

 "My husband has been a resident of Wellington Terrace for over two years and the outstanding, competent, loving care he receives there is truly remarkable.  The entire staff (the nurses, dietary, cleaning, maintenance, recreation, and office) is amazing.  They show great compassion and understanding.  Every request or suggestion is followed up immediately.  Not only is my husband the concern, but they are a great consolation to me during some very difficult time.  From my everyday visits to the Terrace, I have observed that every resident is treated with the utmost care and respect.  No one could ask for more".