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After the realignment of social service delivery by the Province of Ontario in 1997 Wellington County was designated the Consolidated Municipal Services Manager (CMSM) for Wellington County and the City of Guelph.  The County has been delivering Income Support and Child Care Programmes on an uninterrupted basis within the City of Guelph and the County of Wellington since 1969.

The County of Wellington as the CMSM has three divisions, namely Ontario Works, Child Care Services and Social Housing Services. These three divisions comprise the Wellington County Social Services Department and are responsible for delivering the mandated programmes throughout Wellington and Guelph on behalf of the Province of Ontario.

Community Plans

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Child Care and Early Years 


Ontario Works

Contact Us

Eddie Alton, Social Services Administrator, Email Eddie Alton, x 3540

Luisa Artuso, Director of Children's Early Years Division, Email Luisa Artuso, x 3970

Stuart Beumer, Director of Ontario Works, Email Stuart Beumer, x 3065

Ryan Pettipiere, Director of Housing, Email Ryan Pettipiere, x 4040

Children's Early Years Division T 519.837.3620 x 3800

Ontario Works T 519.837.2670 x 2603

Employment Resource Centre T 519.823.7887

Housing Services T 519.824.7822

Settlement Services T 519.837.2670 x 4811