The County of Wellington is the provincially designated Service Manager for the delivery of homelessness programmes in Wellington County and the City of Guelph. The County and the community have a shared interest in appropriate housing for all of our vulnerable citizens. The County's role as service manager includes responsibilities such as planning, resource allocation, quality assurance and service provision.

The County of Wellington administers funding for Emergency Shelters, Domiciliary Hostels, the Housing Stability Programme, the Rent Bank and the Emergency Energy Programme.

To learn more about the programmes funded under the Emergency Shelter Programme and to access a copy of the County of Wellington's Emergency Shelter Standards visit our Emergency Shelters page.

To learn more about the programmes funded under the Domiciliary Hostel Programme and to access a copy of the County of Wellington's Domiciliary Hostel Standards visit our Domiciliary Hostels page.


2015 Point In Time Count

As part of the work outlined in our local Homelessness Strategy, the County of Wellington will be facilitating Point in Time (PIT) Counts year over year in order to gain a better understanding of the extent of homelessness locally and to measure our progress towards reducing it. 

A PIT count is designed to provide a snapshot of the numbers and very basic demographics (e.g. age, gender) of those experiencing homelessness by capturing the magnitude of homelessness on a particular day of the year within a specified time frame. This year, that time frame is the evening of Wednesday April 15th through the morning of Thursday April 16th.

We encourage agencies that are involved in providing services, programming and supports to those that may be experiencing homelessness in the County of Wellington and/or the City of Guelph to participate in the count.

There are two ways for agencies to participate in the count. Agencies can either use the data collection template along with a list of definitions (see below) or use the following link to directly input the data using a Survey Monkey tool. Simply add the total number of those known to be experiencing homelessness that agency staff have direct and/or regular contact with as of April 15th  in the appropriate box. 

Access the online survey here:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6L78CS8


Fill out the following data collection template by clicking here and emailing the completed form to Ryan Pettipiere, Special Services Manager at the County of Wellington, at ryanp@wellington.ca. Please submit electronically if possible however mailing, faxing or dropping off hardcopies is fine as well. For a list of definitions relevant to the count, click here.

We ask that you complete either the data collection template or the online survey beginning on the evening of Wednesday April 15th through the day on Thursday April 16th and submit on or before April 24th.  

We recognize that this is not a scientific count and that the potential for duplicate counting exists.  The intent of the count is instead to reveal information regarding the scope of homelessness in Guelph Wellington.  To limit the potential of duplicate counting we ask that wherever possible only one combined response is submitted per agency using either the survey or template method.  Additionally we ask that information on individuals residing in one of the homeless shelters in Guelph not be submitted as this information will be obtained directly from the emergency shelters themselves.

When the PIT Count has been completed, the data will be compiled into a report and the results will be shared with all participating agencies.

If you have any questions about how to proceed with the PIT count, please feel free to contact either Ryan Pettipiere or Ashley Coleman at the County of Wellington (contact information below). Completed templates can be submitted using the same contact information.

Ryan Pettipiere, Special Services Manager - Ontario Works
County of Wellington,129 Wyndham St. N Guelph ON N1H 4E9
T 519.837.2670 x 3470
F 519.821.5306

Ashley Coleman, Social Planning & Policy Analyst - Ontario Works
County of Wellington, 129 Wyndham St. N Guelph ON N1H 4E9
T 519.837.2670 x 3520
F 519.821.5306


2014 Point In Time Count

In April of 2014, the County of Wellington in partnership with the Community Resource Centre of North and Centre Wellington and Wyndham House initiated a Point in Time (PIT) count in order to measure youth homelessness in Wellington County for the first time. This count was facilitated as part of a larger project currently underway towards the development of a Rural Youth Homelessness Solution Model for Wellington County.  Funding and support for these projects has been received through the Mobilizing Local Capacity to End Youth Homelessness Programme.

2014 PIT Count Final Report