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AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY - To speak directly with a person 519.824.7822


After Hours NON Emergency - to leave a message 519.824.1960

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Rent Bank 519.837.5492 x3710

Housing Help 519.837.5492 x4130 housinghelp@wellington.ca

Regulations can be accessed through "e-laws" website at http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/

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Staff Property Directory

Chandra Stirling x4380 Property Services Officer

Arthur Ash x4370 Maintenance Coordinator

Paige Cutting x4140 Property Services Clerk

Sarah Hughes x4180 Property Services Officer 

Jeff Gramigna x4220 Maintenance Coordinator

Melanie Elmquist x4440 Property Services Clerk

Lynne Johnson x 4150 Property Services Officer

Andy Rees x 4460 Maintenance Coordinator

Kala Flannery x 4100 Property Accounting Coordinator

  • 15 Willow Road

  • 130 Grange Street

  • 229 Dublin Street

  • 39 Dawson Road

  • 232 Delhi Street

  • Victoria, Eastview, McIlwraith

  • 387 and 411 Waterloo Avenue

  • 33 Marlborough Road

  • Vancouver, Edmonton

  • 263 Speedvale Avenue
  •  Mohawk Drive, Delaware Avenue, Montana Road
  • 131 Wyndham Street

  •  32 Hadati Road
  • 12 Sunset Road

  •  Rent Supplement Properties City of Guelph and County of Wellington


  • 4 Applewood Crescent
  • 221 Mary Street, Elora

  • 182 George Street, Arthur
  •  14 Centre Street, Erin


  • 212 Whites Road, Palmerston 


  •  165 Gordon Street, Fergus
  •   169 Gordon Street, Fergus
  • 22 Church Street, Erin


  • Derby Street, Prospect Street, Palmerston
  • 320-360 Derby Court, Palmerston
  •  576 Woolwich Street
  • 450 and 500 Ferrier Court, Fergus
  • 212 Whites Road, Palmerston 
  •  Alma Street, Algonquin Road, Ferndale Avenue, Brant Avenue
  • 301 - 303 Edinburgh Avenue, Fergus

  • 38 Elizabeth Street, Harriston




  • 110 Edward Street, Arthur

  • 133 Frederick Street, Arthur
  • 56 Mill Street, Harriston 



  • 235 Egremont Street, Mount Forest
  • 450 Albert Street, Mount Forest


  • 51 John Street, Harriston


Building Custodians 

Rob Roth C. 519.400.0704
Custodian - Marlborough, Delhi, Hadati
 Lindsay Bradley
 Custodian - Woolwich, Dublin 
 Helen Gordon C. 226.979.2643
Custodian - Gordon
Patrick O'Connell C. 519.400.0698
Custodian - Grange, Waterloo 

Office Management

Ryan Pettipiere    x4040
Director of Housing
Harry Blinkhorn   x4340
Housing Operations Manager
Mark Poste           x4090
Housing Programmes Manager
Elizabeth Black    x4400
Applicant Services Manager
Kathy Brown        x4300
Community Property Services Manager
Melissa Sheflin      x4960 
 Maintenance Supervisor
 Lori Richer            x3150
 Housing Stability Manager

Office Staff

 Amy Johnston             x4090
 Housing Planning and Policy Analyst
 Michele Shears            x4080
 Housing Programme Advisor
 Paul Skinner                x4240
 Housing Programme Advisor
 Nancy Butts                x4120
 Housing Coordinator
 Rubina Mian                x4710
 Programme Support Worker
Samantha White          x4280
Applicant Services Coordinator
Jennie Matthews         x4360
Applicant Services Coordinator
Kevin Priestley            x4330
Housing Registry Clerk
Danielle Stinson          x4670
Housing Services Clerk (CWL)
Jane Reble                    x4200
Housing Community Support Worker
 Karin Gerreman           x4270
 Housing Community Support Worker
Erin Marriott                  x4480 
Capital Works Coordinator
Caroline Drohan            x4420
Works Control Clerk
Jessica MacKenzie        x4070
Housing Services Clerk (Maint.)
 Sonja Roks                    x3440
 Supportive Housing Caseworker
Brianne Cox                   x3185 
Housing Stability Coordinator 
 Shannon McDowell       x3220
 Housing Stability Caseworker
 Tyler Pettipiere             x3680
  Housing Stability Caseworker
 Vacant                           x3130   
 Housing Stability Clerk