Lists of Housing in Wellington and Guelph service area

Please contact us for a complete listing of housing available in Guelph and Wellington County to be mailed to you. 

What are the types of Housing?

Municipal Non-Profit

Local governments may own and manage non-profit housing corporations where the local municipality is the sole shareholder of the corporation.

Private Non-Profit

Service clubs, ethnic or faith communities who develop and manage housing for low-income households usually do so by creating a private non-profit housing corporation run by a board of directors.

For more information about the Housing Providers, you can access their websites by clicking on the Providers names that are underlined in the table below.

Housing Co-operatives

Co-operatives are self-managed by the members who live in the co-operative. Members form a Board of Directors and participate on committees to assist with functions such as property maintenance. The members make decisions through a democratic process and everyone is entitled to have a voice in the co-operative's operations. Co-operative members require a personal commitment to their housing community

Affordable Housing

Non-Profits and Private Owners own and manage affordable rental housing which offers rents at the average market rent or 20% below the average market rent.

Rent Supplement Housing

Tenants living with private landlords may be eligible for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) subsidies under rent supplement programmes.  Tenants must be eligible for the Centralized Waiting list.  Subsidies are paid directly to the private landlord, and tenants enter into a lease with the landlord, and provide rent-geared-to-income payments to the landlord.  RGI rents are calculated by the County of Wellington Housing Services.