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County of Wellington Publications and Resources                        

The County of Wellington Ontario Works office strives to ensure clients applying for Ontario Works are informed by providing them with an information booklet and a short presentation about our services. 

The County of Wellington has created the 2013 Ontario Works Caseload Profile in an effort to better understand the demographics and trends of Ontario Works caseload. This document is intended to serve as a planning tool for the Social Services Department as well as other agencies and groups that are working in the human services sector.

Each year the County of Wellington develops a Service Plan for Ontario Works that outlines programme accomplishments from the previous year as well as targets and goals to work towards for the upcoming year. Click here to view a copy of the 2013 County of Wellington Ontario Works Service Plan.

The Special Services Unit within Wellington County Ontario Works reviews requests for municipally funded discretionary benefits for low income residents of Wellington County and the City of Guelph. Please see the Discretionary Benefits Report 2012 for more information on this great programme.

The County of Wellington Social Services Department commissioned a Rural Homelessness Study that was published in 2011. This Report examines homelessness in East, Centre and North Wellington and will assist with planning and implementing effective and sustainable solutions to address issues of rural homelessness.                                                                                      


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Province of Ontario Publications and Reports                           

Information about Ontario Works Assistance or Ontario Disability Support Program is available from the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services also provides a Monthly Statistical Report for Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program that illustrates the overall caseload and beneficiaries in Ontario.


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Government of Canada Publications and Reports                             

Social Assistance programmes in Canada will vary in name and services depending on where you live. The Social Assistance Statistical Report: 2008 provides comprehensive information from federal, provincial and territorial governments throughout Canada that deliver social assistance. Additional information can be found at the Government of Canada Publications website.