Child Care is for all children, including children with disability and special needs

Child Care Referrals for Children with Disabilities and Special Needs

High quality licensed child care supports all children and fully includes children experiencing disability or special needs.   

Children of all levels of development and ability are supported in high quality licensed child care programmes.

Early Childhood Educators, Home Child Care Providers, Resource Consultants and local agencies work together to support children with disability and special needs to actively participate in licensed child care.

Call the Inclusion Coordinator if:

  • You have questions about your child's development.
  • Your child is experiencing disability or has special needs.
  • You would like to know more about how licensed child care will support your child's unique needs.

The Inclusion Coordinator arranges the supports that make licensed child care accessible for children experiencing disability or special needs.

Child Care Referrals based on Medical or Family Need 

If you have a medical or family need that makes it hard for you to care for your child and would like child care, we may be able to help.

Please call the Inclusion Coordinator to talk about your need for child care. If receving child care may help, your doctor or an agency that supports you or your child will be asked to fill out a Child Care Referral or Medical form on your behalf. 


Inclusion Coordinator
T 519.837.3620 x3760