What is a Wage Subsidy Service Agreement?

In 2016, the wage subsidy funding approach will change to the Wellington Child Care General Operating Grant strategy.

Wage Subsidy is funding for child care programmes to improve the salaries and benefits of child care workers. It helps to prevent staff turnover. It also helps to make child care more affordable for parents.

How is Wage Subsidy funding delivered to programmes?

The County of Wellington manages how wage subsidy is given to child care programmes. To do this in a fair and equal way, we use the County of Wellington Wage Subsidy Grant Guidelines. The Province of Ontario sets the wage subsidy funding levels for child care. The Province also provides direction to us for funding child care programmes in ways that fit their goals for children's services. Eligible and underfunded child care programmes will be first to receive this funding.

What is a Wage Subsidy Pressures List?

New child care programmes and child care programmes that open more spaces may be placed on a wage subsidy pressures list. New child care programmes and new child care spaces may receive wage subsidy as funding becomes available. Programmes that work with the County of Wellington to open spaces in areas where there is high need will be first to receive funding.

To receive Wage Subsidy, the child care programme must meet the County of Wellington Operating Criteria.


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