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Whether it's financing, a business mentor or a market analysis, we want to connect you with the support you need to see your business prosper.

Community Improvement Grants

Wellington County's Community Improvement Grant programme offers top-up funding incentives for businesses participating in their local municipality’s Community Improvement funding (CIF).

Tourism Signage

Wellington County offers a pay-to-play tourism signage programme. This initiative allows tourism-based businesses both in, and just outside, the County to purchase a sign to be displayed on Wellington County signage.
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Funding Opportunities

Find essential financial resources to start, grow and sustain your business. Invest in research and development, expand operations, create job opportunities and more.
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Commercial & Industrial Properties

Our communities offer a wide range of investment and entrepreneurial opportunities. View the different types of land and buildings available, and what properties have the correct zoning for you and your business.
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Events and Workshops

Learn, connect and grow. Discover business and industry events from local community partners and organizations in our online calendar.
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Business Directory

Looking for something specific? Search our Business Directory by name, keyword, municipality and/or industry to find the Wellington business you're looking for.

Business Programmes & Supports

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