Community Improvement Funding

A County-wide Approach

Wellington County's Community Improvement Grant programme was designed to support projects that advance County-wide planning, economic development, and revitalization goals for our communities, while respecting the policy framework developed through the Community Improvement funding (CIF) of our member municipalities. 

The programme offers top-up funding incentives for businesses approved and participating in their local municipality’s CIF.

Community Improvement Grants are an innovative and collaborative approach to grow and sustain a strong, vibrant local economy that respects our green spaces, heritage, and culture.
Jana Burns, Wellington Place Administrator

What is Community Improvement Funding?

Community Improvement Funding (CIF) is a planning tool used by municipalities across Ontario to support improvements to local built, economic, and social environments. Support can be provided in a variety of ways, including; tax assistance, grants or loans to businesses within a defined area. 

CIF is intended to encourage rehabilitation initiatives and stimulate development. They can also be used to support broad planning and design goals, such as sustainable development, population and job growth, diversification of economic activity, rental housing options, accessibility, and walkability.

Grants Available

How to Apply

Additional Funding Opportunities

Illustration of a flower growing with a coin as the flower head

Government and utility programmes have been set up to support business owners as they invest in improving their buildings’ efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as training for energy auditors and managers.

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Climate Change Lens

Companies and institutions are recognizing the need to integrate climate action into all aspects of their business. This sector contributes 118,300 tonnes CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) to the County’s emissions from fossil fuels sources. Similar to homes, actions to reduce emissions need to focus on reducing the use of natural gas in equipment and heating.  Learn more about our climate change initiatives. 

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