Attainable Housing

Our housing isn't keeping up with our growth.

In Wellington County, we are constantly welcoming new businesses, workers, and families. Young adults are choosing to build their lives in our neighborhoods. Newcomers are joining our communities. Older adults are retiring here. All these things are contributing to a strong local economy and vibrant community, but our housing isn't keeping up with our growth.. 

As a community we can develop more attainable rental and ownership housing options including townhouses, stacked townhouses, small multi-unit buildings, condominiums, duplexes and triplexes, converted factories and more.

Attainable Housing Strategy

Why More Housing?

Ensuring we have the housing we need in our communities is everyone's responsibility. We need to find new and creative ways for residents of all ages to find housing that fits their budget and lifestyle. To continue learning how we can improve attainable housing options, download our conversation starter that you can share at home, at work, and in the community. 

Download our Conversation Starter

Saying ‘Yes in My Backyard’

The mission of the Guelph and Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination is to work collaboratively, informed by diverse voices of experience, to take local action and advocate for system and policy change to address the root causes of poverty.

We often hear about "Not in my Backyard" (NIMBY), but are working with our communities to facilitate more "Yes in my Backyard" (YIMBY). Say yes to accepting our community’s collective responsibility to make our shared space welcoming to everyone. When everyone has a safe and affordable place to call home our whole community benefits.

Learn more on effective communication around attainable housing in Guelph and Wellington County in the presentation below.

YIMBY Attainable Housing Presentation

Additional Residential Units (ARUs)

An Additional Residential Unit (ARU) is an accessory to a principal dwelling unit, located on the same property. ARUs can be connected to or detached from the principal home. 

Homeowners can choose to add to their existing properties: basement apartments, second or third suites, garage conversions, even smaller homes built on the property. They add to the rental inventory and often give homeowners a source of income.

 Attainable Housing FAQs

*Answers drawn from Ontario Human Rights Commission.

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