Commercial Filming in the County

We are thrilled to support and welcome commercial filming in all seven Municipalities that call Wellington County home. Our vibrant and rural communities have deep heritage, strong culture, and are located in close proximity to urban amenities and major cities. 

Wellington County is home to: 

  • Historic villages, buildings, and homes with small town charm.
  • Expansive rural landscapes offering 360 degree views of stunning scenery and green spaces. 
  • Comprehensive walking and cycling trail networks.
  • Beautiful downtown settings with a dynamic medley of new and old architecture.
  • Natural gems including four conservation areas
  • Local farms that offer authentic farm and food experiences
  • Historical locations, including the Wellington County Museum and Archives.
  • Thrill-seeking experiences like punt rides, climb icy cliffs, or tubing the gorge.
  • Award-winning local restaurants, bakeries, and luxury accommodations and small businesses.
  • Craft breweries, cideries, wineries and distilleries providing ample opportunity to sip and savour.
  • ...and more!

The County of Wellington recognizes the direct and indirect economic and cultural benefits that the commercial film and television industry provides throughout our communities. We support and encourage filmmakers to visit and immerse themselves in our beautiful, historic downtowns, rivers and gorges, trail network, bridges and our welcoming communities.

Promoting and highlighting Wellington County communities as well as building long-lasting, strong partnerships through film production is important to us.

Film crew filming on the Tressle Bridge in Aboyne

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