Puslinch by Design-Employment Land Study

What is Puslinch by Design?

Puslinch by Design is a study being completed by the County in partnership with the Township of Puslinch to identify additional opportunities for employment lands in Puslinch. The basis for this study is rooted in the County’s Official Plan Review work, which identified a minimum 30ha need for additional employment lands in the Township over the long term.

Puslinch by Design looks to identify lands to support the Township’s need for diverse employment areas in a manner that respects the rural nature of Puslinch, delivers high quality and sustainable design, and leverages improvements to Highway 6 and Highway 401 corridors. The study will be focused in the Regionally Significant Economic Development Study Area, which establishes the policy framework in the County Official Plan to support the study, and identification of appropriate lands.

Recommendations from this study will inform a future Official Plan Amendment to the County Official Plan to apply the appropriate land use planning policies and designations in the recommended areas. Opportunities for public engagement and consultation will occur throughout this project and will inform the final recommendations. 

Puslinch by Design – Final Scope of Work

Additional information about public engagement opportunities will be posted on this page as it becomes available.