About Our Resiliency Programmes

To respond with resilience to serious challenges requires a combination of inner strengths combined with the ability to access outside resources.

Since 2002, Reaching IN…Reaching OUTᴼᴹ (RIRO) has been an innovator in promoting resilience on various levels—from providing evidence-based skills training programs to adults who live and work with young children, to helping organizations and communities create "cultures of resilience" through training leaders.

The cornerstone of RIRO’s programs is training adults in resiliency skills they can role model or introduce directly through daily interactions with children under 8 years of age.

Our two skills training programs, Reaching IN...Reaching OUTᴼᴹ (RIRO) Resiliency Skills Training for service providers and Bounce Back & Thrive!ᴼᴹ (BBT) for parents are delivered through a network of RIRO and BBT Trainers who work in non- profit and government-funded organizations in Canada and beyond.

As of early 2020, more than 10,000 educators, service providers, parents and caregivers have attended our two evidence-based resiliency skills training programmes.

Our programmes are designed to help build key strengths that allows us to reach in when faced stressful situations, and reach out to others and opportunities to deal more effectively with life’s ups and downs.

Reach IN... to develop healthy ways to cope with stress and tough times
Reach OUT... to find support and offer it to others

We understand that children learn resiliency skills by watching adults model them. This simple idea is backed by many years of research and is the cornerstone of our approach.

Developing caring relationships; Being positive role models; Passing along resiliency skills