Badley Bridge

The County of Wellington has completed a Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Badley (Metcalfe Street) Bridge.  An EA study was initiated by the County in June, 2015 to define a bridge management plan for the replacement or rehabilitation of the Badley Bridge.

The Township of Centre Wellington subsquently initiated a Class EA in February, 2016 for the Victoria Street Pedestrian Bridge and West Mill Street in Elora.  Based on the overlapping study areas, the EA projects were completed as a harmonized EA study.

The EA study completed all phases of the Municipal Class EA and established the need and justification for the projects, considering alternatives and proactively involving the public in defining recommended alternatives for the projects.

Specifically for the Badley Bridge, the outcome of the EA study recommended the existing bridge to be replaced by a three span rigid frame structure.

EA Schedule

  • Notice of Study Commencement issued - August, 2015
  • Public Information Centre No. 1 - December, 2015
  • Public Information Centre No. 2 - October, 2016
  • Environmental Study Report (ESR) filed - January, 2017
  • Notice of Completion issued - February, 2017
  • MOECC Decision Letter Part II Order - August, 2017
  • Future Public Meeting - (tbd) tentative Spring, 2019

Available Documentation

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