Badley Bridge Environmental Assessment

The County of Wellington's decision to replace the Metcalfe Street Badley Bridge in Elora was not an easy one.

Since 2015, staff and Council have carefully considered both rehabilitating and replacement options. Ultimately, after significant community consultation and the evaluation of 16 alternatives and over 50 factors, including safety and cost, the decision to replace the Badley Bridge was made. The new Badley Bridge will cost approximately $7.25 million. Rehabilitating the bridge would cost tax payers more than double (approximately $14.5 million), which would be equivalent to a 7.5% tax increase. 

The new Badley Bridge has been designed to showcase the character and charm of downtown Elora. The new bridge will widen traffic lanes and sidewalks, introduce bicycle lanes, and include an observation deck with spectacular views of the Grand River.

What features will the new Badley Bridge incorporate?

The bridge will provide an open view of the Grand River and will include the following improvements: 

  • Wider sidewalks
  • Two new bike lanes
  • Expanded observation deck looking out to the Grand River
  • Enhanced lighting across the bridge
  • Wider traffic lanes 
  • New limestone gateway piers
  • New historic plaque

Plans to include a commemorative feature paying homage to the bridge's current metal structure will also be introduced.  

What is the timeline for this project?

Construction on the Badley Bridge is scheduled to start in the Fall of 2019 with bridge piers in the Grand River. Removal of the existing bridge is planned for early 2020 and the new bridge is expected to be complete by December 2020.

What is the condition of the Badley Bridge?

In 2015, a structural evaluation of the Badley Bridge revealed that several major elements of the structure were in an advanced state of deterioration. Details and photos of structure conditions can be found on the Display Boards that were presented at Public Information Centres (PIC) in December 2015 and October 2016.

Ongoing structural evaluations occur every two years, and the 2017 inspection continued to confirm the advanced state of deterioration.

Was the public consulted on this project?

The County has published information and held Public Information Centres (PICs) about this project since 2015. Key dates and information are included below. 


Event and Available Documentation

June      2015

An environmental assessment (EA) was initiated by the County to define a bridge management plan for the replacement or rehabilitation of the Badley Bridge.

August  2015

Notice of Study Commencement is issued to the public.

December 2015

Public Information Centre #1

October 2016

Public Information Centre #2

January 2017

The Environmental Assessment Study Design Report is filed. It reviewed sixteen proposed solutions for the Badley Bridge, and shortlisted five for detailed analysis. The shortlisted alternatives included rehabilitation of the existing bridge as well as truss bridge alternatives. 

February 2017

Notice of Study Completion is issued to the public.

August 2017

MOECC Decision Letter Part II Order


Public Information Centre #3




 MECP Part II Order Compliance Letter



 Notice of Project Update

Rendering of new Badley Bridge design

Available Documentation






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