Community Improvement Programme

Invest Well

In 2018 The County of Wellington approved its first ever County-wide Community Improvement Programme (CIP) and branded the initiative “Invest Well”. The Invest Well Community Improvement Programme establishes a framework for support and implementation of programmes that will allow the County to participate financially in local grant and loan programmes aimed at revitalizing, beautifying, and attracting investment in Wellington.

What is the Community Improvement Programme?

A Community Improvement Programme (CIP) is intended to encourage rehabilitation initiatives and stimulate development. A CIP allows the County to provide tax assistance, grants or loans to assist in the rehabilitation of lands and buildings within the defined Community Improvement Project Area.

Goals and Objectives

Through the County-wide CIP, Wellington County provides leadership in community improvement planning by offering incentives to eligible owners and tenants of lands and buildings in key sectors and areas of economic activity. The County’s Invest Well Programme works together with the Member Municipal Community Improvement Plans.

The Invest Well CIP Programme is based on countywide goals, guided by priorities identified in the Official Plan, Economic Development Strategy, Business Retention and Expansion findings, the Taste Real programme and the Investment Attraction Strategy. Countywide priorities include:

  • Use Land Strategically
  • Provide Rental Housing
  • Improve Building Infrastructure
  • Diversify the Economy
  • Promote Tourism

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Grants Available

 Invest READY Incentives

Invest READY aims to help prepare properties that have a high potential for development/ redevelopment by making them development ready. Phases of Invest READY include:

Pre-Development Design/ Study Grant

Eligible costs:

  • Due diligence,
  • Planning,
  • Technical and/or design studies that provide information for a redevelopment project.


Financial funding up to 100% of the total value of eligible costs, to a maximum of $20,000 per project and/or property.

The County provides funding independent of member municipality participation.

Tax Increment Equivalent Grant (TIEG)

Eligible costs:

Costs as a result of a redevelopment, adaptive reuse, building rehabilitation, or retrofit work such as:

  • Demolition
  • Construction
  • On-site infrastructure
  • County tipping fees
  • County permit fees
  • Additional design and study work.


Financial funding which is equal to the County portion of a property tax increase that is incurred as a result of a major community improvement project. Grant value ranges from 100% coverage of the County portion tax increment in year one to 20% in year five.

County funding is dependent on the member municipality participating financially through its own local CIP TIEG plan.

Invest MORE Grant

The Invest MORE Grant aims to support a broad range of improvements to existing buildings/properties and contribute to the overall beautification and revitalization of built-up areas.

Eligible Costs

Funding is offered to cover:

  • Physical, structural, and aesthetic improvements to existing commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and office buildings/ properties.

Example costs include:

  • Rooftop patios/outdoor dining spaces
  • Privately owned publicly accessible spaces, and
  • Bed and breakfast accommodations.

The County may decide to include additional improvement costs that meet the five CIP priorities.


Financial funding up to 50% of the total value of eligible costs, to a maximum of $20,000 per project and/or property.

County funding is dependent on the member municipality sponsoring and endorsing the Applicant’s project financially through its own local CIP.

Note that the Invest MORE Grant will not be provided to Applicants receiving the Invest Well TIEG through the member municipality’s local CIP.

Who Can Apply

Rural and urban businesses and owners who plan to:

  • Improve the use of their land through redevelopment, infill, and intensification;
  • Provide rental housing in downtown areas;
  • Improve building infrastructure, efficiency, aesthetics, and accessibility;
  • Diversify the economy in key areas such as on-farm/agriculture uses, manufacturing, health, and creative sector;
  • Promote tourism through enhancements to local experiences, services, and accommodations.

You could receive up to $20,000 project/property basis. Examples of project eligible costs include construction designs, rental unit retrofits, and building an outdoor dining patio.

How to Apply

Step One: Contact your municipality to apply for local and County grants.

 Local Contacts
  • Township of Centre Wellington (Fergus, Elora, Belwood)
    George Borovilos, Manager of Economic Development, 519.846.9691 x304 or email.
  • Town of Erin (Hillsburgh, Erin)
    Robyn Mulder, Economic Development Officer, 519.855.4407 x241 or email.
  • Guelph Eramosa Township (Rockwood, Ariss, Eden Mills)
    Ian Roger, CAO, 519.856.9596 x105 or email.
  • Township of Mapleton (Drayton, Moorefield, Alma)
    Aly Hill, Economic Development and Marketing Coordinator, 519.638.3313 x042 or email.
  • Town of Minto (Clifford, Harriston, Palmerston)
    Belinda Wick-Graham, Director of Economic and Community Development, 519.338.2511 x241 or email.
  • Township of Puslinch (Aberfoyle, Morriston)
    Glenn Schwendinger, CAO/Clerk, 519.763.1226 x214 or email.
  • Township of Wellington North (Arthur, Mount Forest, Kenilworth)
    Dale Small, Economic Development Officer, 519.848.3620 x4234 or email.

Step Two: Explore loan options with your Community Futures Development Corporation.

Step Three: Start your project! Grant payments are made when projects are complete.

Member Municipal Community Improvement Plans

Township of Centre Wellington

The Township of Centre Wellington has adopted a comprehensive CIP that is intended to encourage revitalization and redevelopment in its Urban Centres. 

View Centre Wellington's full CIP

Town of Erin

The goal for the Town of Erin's CIP is to stimulate economic development and contribute to the municipality as a business friendly community and that we are “Open for Business”.

View Erin's full CIP

Guelph Eramosa Township

The purpose of the proposed Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is to provide a framework to revitalize and reshape public and private land in defined Community Improvement Project Areas (CIPAs).  It will allow the Township to provide financial incentives to encourage the enhancement of existing built-up areas, diversity business types and investment opportunities, and enhance connectivity within the Township and to adjacent communities.

View Guelph-Eramosa's full CIP

Township of Mapleton

Mapleton's CIP provides a series of municipal funding incentives in order to stimulate physical improvements within their defined Project Area. The overall intent of the CIP is to revitalize Mapleton and strengthen the economic base of the community.

View Mapleton's CIP

Town of Minto
The purpose of the amended CIP is to provide a framework to guide public sector investment and stimulate private sector investment in the Town of Minto within the urban communities of Harriston, Palmerston and Clifford.

View Minto's full CIP

Township of Puslinch

The Township of Puslinch Community Improvement Plan is intended to:

  • Assist with downtown/main street revitalization and beautification efforts;
  • Support renewal within the urban areas and the key industrial corridor;
  • Support new and existing business opportunities; and
  • Promote the unique economic development advantages of Puslinch.

The CIP project will result in a comprehensive, strategic, and flexible framework for local improvements to public and private properties throughout the Township.

View Puslinch's full CIP

Township of Wellington North
The CIP provides a framework to encourage the rehabilitation of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings and their facades, improvement of commercial signage, and redevelopment of vacant and under utilized properties and buildings. This update builds on the initial Wellington North CIP (2011), an amendment adding a CIPA for Kenilworth (2014), and now broadens to include urban centres, hamlets and rural areas located within the Township.

View Wellington North's full CIP

Completed Community Improvement Programme Projects

For more information on the County of Wellington's CIP, contact Economic Development by calling 519.837.2600 x2611 or via e-mail.

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