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There are many rural areas struggling to find reliable internet service. All levels of government are working to expand broadband infrastructure, but our connectivity maps are not accurate.

Please help the County gather data about your service. By tracking areas of need, funders and providers can identify where future infrastructure is needed.

Test and anonymously report your internet connectivity speed at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority's Speed Test website by using the blue button below:

Take Speed Test Here

Map with dots depicting location of tests, colour-coded to indicate speed

Speed Test Tips

  • Test close to your router
  • Test multiple times
  • Test at different times of the day
  • Test on different devices 

These tests will capture the fact that your provider may offer a fast connection at 7:00 am, but service slows to a crawl at 5:00 pm once homework and streaming are added to the demand.

You can also report un-serviced or underserviced areas to the Smart Cities Office contact.

Internet Service and Resources

Access to the internet is important to our families, farms and businesses. Getting broadband service to every rural address has been an ongoing challenge, but things are changing rapidly. Below are some additional tools and resources the County can offer to support connectivity and digital literacy.

Connectivity Guidebook for Rural Ontario

We know that even with an internet connection, keeping up with technology and all it offers can be difficult. To build a common starting place, the County of Wellington and Wilton Consulting Group have complied a Connectivity Guidebook.  Available in electronic form, below, you can also request a paper copy by contacting Economic Development at or by calling 519.837.2600 x 2614

Download Connectivity Guidebook for Rural Ontario eBook

Find Internet Services

Many local Internet Service Providers have expanded their networks recently and are accelerating their expansion plans. Open the list below for help locating a provider near you.

Local Internet Service Providers

One way to check for local providers is to use the Government of Canada’s Internet Coverage map. Enter your address in the search bar, and open the drop-down bar which says Internet service providers (ISP) in your area.

You will see a list of companies working in your vicinity, arranged by the type of service connection they can provide.

Some of the companies who are providing service to many of our residents include:

The County of Wellington does not support any particular ISP and cannot guarantee service availability at your location.

Access Library Hotspots

Did you know you can sign the internet out from your local library? Wellington County Library has internet hotspot devices available for circulation to library patrons. One hotspot provides unlimited internet use during a 7-day checkout period, and can accommodate up to 15 devices at a time. There are a limited number of devices in circulation, so joining the holds queue is required. For more information, see our Hotspot Programme Lending page.

SWIFT Network

Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology Inc. (SWIFT) is a non-profit regional broadband project initiated by the Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus to subsidize the construction of an open-access, high-speed broadband network in Southwestern Ontario, Caledon and the Niagara Region. The project’s approach strives towards the overarching goals of narrowing the digital divide and making small-town Ontario more competitive in the information economy.

Wellington County is one of 18 partners across southwestern Ontario in the regional SWIFT initiative, bringing broadband to our rural communities. SWIFT’s innovative approach to funding open access broadband networks will aim to connect business facilities, public buildings and residential homes in underserved areas within the project region.

Currently, SWIFT Network has enabled four projects totaling $12.1 million for improving high speed internet in Wellington County. Learn more about local SWIFT projects.

Local Broadband News

 Canada and Ontario Increasing Access to High-Speed Internet Service in Wellington County.

 May 9, 2024

The federal and provincial governments have partnered with Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) Inc. to provide residents in the communities of Brucedale, Centre Inn, Everton, Oustic, Simpson Corners, Shands, Spier, Belwood, Eramosa, Orton, and Maple Leaf Acres with access to broadband infrastructure that will enable high-speed internet service.

Read the full release

Ontario Launches New Interactive High-Speed Internet Map

April 27, 2023

The Ontario government has launched a new interactive map which illustrates where funded broadband expansion is planned. Users can search the map by address, community or municipality to fund project details.

 Read the full release

 Completed construction in the community of Eden Mills
February 9, 2022

SWIFT announced today that Cogeco Connexion has completed the construction of a fibre-to-the-home network in Wellington County to bring high-speed internet service to 359 homes in businesses located in the community of Eden Mills.

 Read the full release

North Frontenac Telephone Company brings service to Yatton, Creek Bank and Goldstone

May 12, 2021

SWIFT today announced that 275 more households and businesses now have access to high-speed internet, as NFTC completes construction of a $2 million fibre-to-the home network to bring improved broadband service to residents living in the communities of Yatton, Creek Bank and Goldstone.

 Read the full release

New high-speed internet line coming to Rothsay/Drayton

February 8, 2021

Through the Universal Broadband Fund’s (UBF) Rapid Response Stream, the Government of Canada is taking immediate action to get Canadians connected to the high-speed Internet they need.

The Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Rural Economic Development, announced nearly $2.2 million in funding for Niagara Regional Broadband Network and Mornington Communications Co-operative Limited to bring high-speed Internet to rural residents of southwestern Ontario. Three projects will connect 310 underserved households to high-speed Internet in the regions of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Falls, Rothsay, Drayton and St. Catharines.

Read the full release

SWIFT’s EhTel! line completes installation ahead of schedule

January 28, 2021

Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) is proud to announce the construction of a $2.7 million high-speed network in Wellington County is now complete and is delivering improved broadband access to more than 670 households.

A total of $1.8 million in federal and provincial funding was awarded by SWIFT to support EH!tel Networks in the development of new broadband infrastructure in the communities of Ariss, Ponsonby and Inverhaugh.

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SWIFT makes first connection in Wellington County

August 21, 2020

Canada and Ontario are delivering on the commitment to create more economic and educational opportunities in rural, remote and underserviced areas of the province through an improved, modern broadband network in Southwestern Ontario.

On Aug. 20 customers in Wellington County were the first to receive high-speed internet in Wellington County through the Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) project.

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The Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus takes action to support rural broadband

July 21, 2020

In order to reduce the digital divide within Southwestern Ontario, and to achieve the Government of Canada’s target, in which 95% of homes and businesses will have access to internet speeds of at least 50/10 Mbps by 2026, it will cost an estimated $1 billion.

The Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus and the participating SWIFT municipalities of Caledon, Niagara and Waterloo are requesting direct funding to SWIFT from the Government of Canada in the amount of $254 million and from the Government of Ontario in the amount of $221 million. Combined with a $174 million commitment from public-private partnerships, the WOWC intends to successfully address the $1 billion Southwestern Ontario infrastructure deficit and achieve the interim goal of providing 50/10 broadband services to 95% of the population within the region by 2025.

In addition, the WOWC is also requesting that the CRTC Broadband Fund and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) Universal Broadband Fund each allocate 10% of their funds directly to Southwestern Ontario (based on population share of total for Canada).

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Fibre Internet Service Coming to Parts of Puslinch

June 4, 2020

Standard Broadband is excited to announce an investment of over $2.5M in private funding to bring state of the art fibre optic infrastructure into rural Puslinch. Over 1000 homes and businesses in the Township of Puslinch that currently have limited access to High-Speed Internet services will soon have fibre optic internet service available to them with the expansion of Standard Broadband’s fibre to the home network.

The project will begin in early August 2020 and will see service available as construction completes on a street by street basis with the first connections available as early as mid-September. The all fibre network will provide High-Speed Internet with speeds of up to 1000Mbps, next generation IPTV and digital phone services.

For more details on Standard Broadband’s initial service area please see the map located on their website.

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SWIFT Announces Wellington County High-Speed Broadband Expansion Plan

January 20, 2020

  • SWIFT signs agreements with Cogeco Connexion Inc. (Cogeco Connexion), EH!tel Networks Inc. (EH!tel Networks) and North Frontenac Telephone Corporation Limited (NFTC) to support the expansion of broadband infrastructure in Wellington County.

  • Nearly 2,900 households and businesses across 17 communities throughout the townships of Guelph Eramosa, Centre Wellington, Mapleton and Wellington North will soon have access to faster and better internet services.

  • The broadband infrastructure expansion plan is valued at approximately $12 million.

SWIFT announced it has awarded contracts to expand high-speed broadband services to nearly 2,900 homes and businesses in Wellington County throughout the townships of Guelph Eramosa, Centre Wellington, Mapleton, and Wellington North.

Access to broadband services is essential in today’s digital world, that is why we are pleased to announce that many more residents in Wellington County will soon have greater access to reliable and affordable high-speed internet,” says David Mayberry, SWIFT Board Chair.  “SWIFT is committed to improving network coverage in rural communities across Southwestern Ontario and looks forward to continuing to expand broadband services within our region."

A total of $7.5 million in provincial and federal funding has been awarded by SWIFT to support four broadband infrastructure projects across 15 underserved communities within Wellington County. The total value of the newly announced projects is approximately $12 million, including nearly $4.5 million in contributions from the service providers.  

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