RIDE WELLᴼᴹ operates with several dedicated, full-time drivers. This ensures consistent service throughout the hours of operation (weekdays from 6:00am to 7:00pm excluding Statutory Holidays). Drivers operate four door vehicles that are easily identifiable by a RIDE WELL window sticker, and from details displayed in the digital booking system.

Customer Safety

Prior to being hired, drivers will be subject to a screening process that includes a criminal background check and a driving record check to ensure high-quality and safe service to RIDE WELL customers.

Expectations of Customer

To ensure driver and fellow rider safety, customers are expected to abide by the Rider Terms of Service. Customers will also be expected arrive at their departure points within the designated pick-up window, or be subject to our cancellation policy.

*Please note: customers are not expected to tip their driver upon ride completion.

Driver Accountability

RIDE WELL customers will have the ability to rate their drivers out of five stars at the end of each trip. This will provide important feedback that is crucial to maintaining a high-quality service.

Driver Responsibility

Drivers will be responsible for providing a safe and timely ride to customer destinations throughout the hours of operation. Additionally, drivers will be happy to help customers place their items into the trunk of the car should they require assistance. All requests beyond these responsibilities will be left to the discretion of the driver.

If a customer requires a mobility aid and/or further accessible options to complete their trip, they will need to book their trip by phone (1.833.900.7433).

*Please note: drivers will not have the ability to book rides for customers. Therefore, customers are encouraged to book their return trips in advance of their initial trip departure.

Driver Recruitment

If you are interested in becoming a driver for RIDE WELL, please contact RideCo by email at ridewelldrivers@rideco.com.

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