SWIFT Internet Initiative

Building better internet service and connectivity in Wellington County

Most of Southwestern Ontario is not served by fibre optics today. A lot of rural areas don't even have access to internet.

Wellington County is one of 18 partners across southwestern Ontario in the regional SWIFT (SouthWestern Integrated Fibre Technology) initiative, bringing broadband to our rural communities. To connect everyone as effectively and efficiently as possible, SWIFT is collecting information about how residents, farms, and businesses currently use the Internet. This information will help them to determine where they will invest funding - and we want them to invest in Wellington County!

To get the data on current and future needs, we need your input. Where do we have internet service gaps?

Please complete the survey and speed test here: https://performance.cira.ca/wellingtoncounty

Complete the Speed Test

If you cannot do the speed test or survey because you have limited or no internet, do what lots are doing and just call the County’s Economic Development office at 519.837.2600 x 2614.

Please help spread the word with our poster.

What is SWIFT?

Why is it taking so long to build? Don't we already have high speed internet? Read answers to all of these and more on SWIFT's Frequently Asked Questions page.

Local Telcos:
  • Wightman
  • Bell Canada
  • Standard Broadband
  • Xplornet
  • Eh Tel
  • Packetworks
  • Mornington Communications

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