Eat Up Your February

We invite you to EAT UP YOUR FEBRUARY!

Did you know you can eat local food year-round? While some might associate locally grown food mainly with summer farmers’ markets filled with local fruit and produce or farm side stands with fully loaded with corn or squash, we guarantee that you will find local products on store shelves year-round – even during the cold and icy days of February.

Let us inspire with some key tips on how to shop, experience and engage around local food this month and year-round. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on how to #EatUpYourFebruary or read below.

Food and Farm Events
Looking for farm and food events and outings in Wellington County and Guelph? Look no further. Our calendar is jam-packed with food-related experiences year-round. Remember to check in often as we are constantly adding new events. Visit the calendar.
Best Brunch Spots
Brunch has become one of our favourite weekend eats. Whether at home or at a local restaurant, it's a lovely way to share a great meal with friends and family. Discover spots where local food's part of the menu! Find your brunch spot.
Treat your Valentine
We strongly believe that the way to someone's heart is through good food! Discover a list of some wonderful Valentine's Day specials happening throughout Guelph and Wellington County. Book your outing.
 Go on a Food Tour
Food and farm tours offer a unique way to get to know a place. Whether you are a visitor or call Guelph Wellington home, we invite you to bundle up this winter and discover unique tastes and flavours in our backyard. Book a tour with one of our great locations or pick up the local food map and create your own adventure. Find a tour.
Cooking Classes or Workshops
Are you an aspiring chef or want to learn new food skills? Food workshops and classes are a great way to deepen your culinary skills or get started. Here are some local entrepreneurs offering regular classes. Learn more.
Sign up for a Farm Share
Farm shares, often called CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture programmes) allow Wellington County and Guelph residents to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown by local farmers. Check out local CSA programmes and options locally. Did you now? Winter is the perfect time to sign up to a farm share, as it helps farmers with early-season expenses such as seeds and tools!
Why eat local?
There are many reasons why someone may choose to eat local food, including benefits to the local economy, creating direct relationships with people growing your food, distance from farm to plate and more. What are yours? Learn more about local agriculture.
Becoming a Locavore

Becoming a locavore doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. You can simply start tweaking a few shopping habits that will help to fill your plate with more local foods while supporting local businesses. Here are a few tips:

  1. Start by switching out a few items in your pantry for local ones, like honey and maple syrup.

  2. Plan a regular visit to the farmers’ market.

  3. Buy a box of frozen meat from a local farm.

  4. Sign up for a Farm Share programme to receive fresh, in-season vegetables.

  5. Check out a fruit and produce availability calendar.

  6. Pick up a local food map and see what’s available in your back yard.

Try something new!

What do celeriac, water buffalo meat, and sheep milk gelato have in common? Besides being all being available locally, we bet they are not on everyone’s radar or weekly menu. One thing we love about local foods is seeking out new flavours. Why not challenge yourself to try a few new local ingredients this year? You might be surprised what you can find grown and made in Wellington County! Find your new flavours.
Discover Local Eats
Farm to Table has deep roots in Wellington County. Chefs work closely with farmers to create menus around what’s in season. Check out some of our best local food restaurants and eateries. Make your reservation.

Visit a Farm

While fields may lay dormant under a blanket of snow, farms don’t close in the winter. Many local farm stores and markets are open year-round and are worth a visit. Be sure to check opening hours as they may vary during the winter months, and check our events calendar for on farm events during the winter.
Find a Local Butcher

For excellent selection and quality visit these outstanding butcher shops and see what they have to offer. We asked each of them for their signature ingredient or 'must taste item' - they are worth a try! Find a local butcher.

Discover fresh Dairy Products
 Ever tried dandelion ice cream or creamy ramenbert? In Wellington County we are fortunate to have some wonderful artisian farm fresh dairies. Visit some of Guelph-Wellington's and taste flavours like never before! Discover your favourite.
Preserved Goodness
There are a number of ways to carry the tastes and sunshine of summer into the colder months. Preserving fruit and vegetables must be one of the best ways to spice up the season with some delicious harvest produce. Find locally made preserves.
Butter Tart Adventures
Maybe Ontario’s favourite sweet treat – the iconic butter tart is well represented locally. In our opinion, we have some of the best in the country. The proof is in the pudding – or tart in this case. Did you know that Wellington County is home to a provincially recognized butter tart champion? You might not be able to get ahold of Helen Moffat’s (Drayton) acclaimed tarts, but we’ve picked some of our favourite butter tart locations for you to explore. Plan your route.
Local Beverages

A great way to enjoy local year-round – check out local beverage producers. Craft brews, ciders, spirits, wine, and non-alcoholic options made in Guelph Wellington. Cheers! Find your spot to sip and savour.

Farmers' Markets
While opening day for most of Wellington’s farmers’ markets is still a few months away, the Guelph Farmers’ market is open year round and offers a huge variety of foods and locally made items. Did you know, the Guelph Farmers’ Market is one of Guelph’s oldest and most-loved community spaces - it first opened its doors in 1827! Find your local market.
Eat Local on Campus
Did you know that you can eat local on campus? The team at the University of Guelph’s Hospitality Services is a nation-wide leader when it comes to local food and we’re happy to boast about it on their behalf. Check out their awesome new campaign featuring local suppliers and partners. And to show us that local food in February can be done – here is their Taste Real partner feature menu available on campus on February 24 – 28.
Sap Season
It’s (almost) Sap Season in Wellington County – and for us, that means the sweetest time of the year. Check out our calendar for Maple infused outings and events happening in March and April, and plan your visit to one of Wellington’s Maple Syrup farms.


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