Farm Fresh Meats

From summer sausage to filet mignon, local suppliers have you covered. You can find locally raised meat at the following farms and farm stores in Wellington County.

sliced beef on a cutting boardBeef and Pork

3Gen Organics, Wallenstein


Lamb is definitely a great, versatile choice and best of all, it's easy to find locally year round. Discover lamb farms and retailers.

Farm Fresh Poultry

Whether you are looking for a turkey for a festive dinner, or are looking to purchase your bird farm direct, check out our list of farms selling poultry and poultry products.

Specialty Meats

Here in Wellington County you can find Ostrich, Rabbit, and other specialty poultry locally. Ask your farmer for availability throughout the year and add some excitement to your weekly or holiday meals. Find something new.

Butcher Shops

For excellent selection and quality visit these outstanding Taste RealOM butcher shops and see what they have to offer. We asked each of them for their signature ingredient or 'must taste item' - they are worth a try! View local butcher shops.

Why purchase farm-direct?

Buying meats directly from the farm offers a variety of benefits:

  • Learn where your food comes from - you can speak directly with your farmer and learn about the breed of animals, how they are raised and and what they are being fed.
  • Custom cuts - some farms offer custom cuts when purchasing a quarter or half of the animal.
  • Money stays on  the farm - rather than receiving a portion of the retail price, the whole purchase amount goes directly to the farmer.
  • Support the local economy - you can choose to directly support a farm in your community.
  • Bulk orders - usually farms offer meat boxes or bulk orders which can be more economical than purchasing individual cuts. Ensure you have freezer space to store your meat order

Please note: purchasing farm-direct is a personal choice and does not mean cheap meat. Farmers that engage in direct sales often have additional expenses related to packaging, storing, marketing, and delivering their product, as well as any transaction related costs and their time. Farm-direct purchasing can be a rewarding, long-lasting experience for the consumer and farmer.

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