Feast On

Taste RealOM is proud to partner with Feast On to highlight restaurants featuring Ontario grown food.

Feast On uses specific criteria to recognize businesses that showcase the tastes of Ontario. The program criteria includes:

  • ProcuringFEAST ON certified logo
    • Producing or harvesting Ontario food and drink or making food or drink in Ontario with ingredients produced or harvested in Ontario.
  • Partnering
    • Being involved in a local, regional, provincial or national program that highlights Ontario food and drink, industry best practices and Ontario's agricultural sector.
  • Participating
    • Providing community-based experiences and creative ways of increasing awareness of Ontario food and drink.

To learn more and browse Feast On partners and businesses, visit feaston.ontarioculinary.com.

We are fortunate enough to have these local Feast On designee partners:

Borealis Grille and Bar

1388 Gordon Street, Guelph

Borealis is serving up the best of locally crafted foods and beverages. There is a diverse menu featuring the best of local and seasonal foods with weekly features, along with steaks, gourmet burgers, prime rib, flat breads and pasta. A warm and inviting atmosphere awaits.

View Borealis' Feast On profile here.

To get a taste of what Borealis is serving, visit www.borealisgrille.ca.

Elora Mill

77 West Mill Street, Elora

Enjoy a menu in harmony with the seasons, inspired by the geography and infused with freshness that only locally sourced ingredients can provide. Embrace the seasons with their ever-evolving menu influenced by weekly farm harvests.

View the Elora Mill's Feast On profile here.

Explore their many dining options and delicious menu at www.eloramill.ca.

GoodLeaf Farms

35 Cooper Drive, Guelph

GoodLeaf is proud to grow microgreens and baby greens year-round, close to where you shop and live. Their farm to fork philosophy means longer lasting greens at peak quality. Their indoor growing environment maintains optimal conditions so that our greens are of the highest quality, freshness, and taste.

View Goodleaf Farms' Feast On profile here.

Discover their various produce at www.goodleaffarms.com.

Heartwood Farm and Cidery

5438 Second Line, Erin

Heartwood Farm and Cidery is a diverse 42-acre ecosystem of mixed pasture, fruit and nut orchards, woods and wetlands. They are dedicated to regenerative agriculture practices that produce healthy soils, sustainable water and nutrient cycles, contented animals, wholesome food for the community, and valuable habitat for wildlife and pollinators. Heartwood's small batch ciders are inspired by what grows on the farm and in the community and the stories that weave people and place together.

View Heartwood's Feast On profile here.

Join the conversation by heading to www.heartwoodfarm.ca.

Miijidaa Cafe and Bistro

37 Quebec Street, Guelph

Named as one of the top 100 restaurants for foodies in Canada*, Miijidaa is a celebration of Canadian roots, foods, cocktails, wines and brews. Their menu is a very modern take on, and mélange of, our northern gastronomic history. #LetsEat. *Open Table

View Miijidaa's Feast On profile here.

To book your table, visit www.miijidaa.ca.

Park Eatery

129 Woolwich Street, Guelph

Park Eatery is a neighbourhood restaurant, bottle shop and small grocery offering applewood smoked chicken, smoked meat sandwiches, salads and soups all made from scratch - the way they used to be.

View Park Eatery's Feast On profile here.

Check out Park Eatery's delicious made-from-scratch offerings at www.parkeatery.ca.

Wellington Brewery

950 Woodlawn Road West, Guelph

Wellington Brewery is one of Canada’s original craft breweries known for producing award-winning beers with a focus on quality, sustainability, and creativity. Founded in 1985 in Guelph, we are creatively transforming Ontario’s brewing culture to stand for people and the planet. Join us and Try A Welly On!

View Wellington Brewery's Feast On profile here.

Check out Wellington Brewery's thirst-quenching beverages at www.wellingtonbrewery.ca.

The Wooly Pub

176 Woolwich Street, Guelph

Guelph's Great Meeting Place! The Wooly's food is simple and hearty with good old 'pub fare 'as well as many indigenous delights. They were the first pub chain to fully champion the small craft brewers of Ontario.

View the Wooly's Feast On profile here.

To sample their food and drink menu, visit www.thewoolypub.ca.

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